Aug 23

Reincarnation And The Now Moment


Presence and Reincarnation; A Contradiction in Terms?

We talked in class, about the importance of presence, and the role of meditation in bringing us back to the only moment that has ever, and that will ever, exist—Now. And then a student asked a question:

“But Hindus believe in reincarnation—isn’t that a future-worry?”

At the heart of meditation, in Hinduism, and in all the Dharmic traditions, including Buddha Dharma and Sikh Dharma, is the importance placed on nurturing our power of focused awareness. It strengthens the mind’s ability to consciously choose, anew in each moment, where to focus its attention. As it happens, the best thing to focus on is now, and although there are countless reasons why, these are the three most important ones:

1.  Now is it the most incredible and momentous event of our lives.

2.  Now is the only time and place joy lives.

3. Now is the only time and place we can discover how the mind really works, and thus, get it to work better.

Now starts with the simple sensation of our own breath flowing in through our noses, and down into our lungs. Watching this is where presence begins and where true meditation begins.

I can appreciate my student’s concern about reincarnation, and the idea that if it happens at a future time, then thinking about it would seem to constitute future thinking—a direct contradiction to the enterprise of staying present.

However—and this is at the heart of my response—Just because you know the rest of the staircase is there, doesn’t mean you ever walk more than one step at a time!

The subtler nuances of my response concern the idea of reincarnation itself, which may be conceived of in myriad ways.




Aug 23

3 Incredible Things You Can Do In Lucid Dreams

Things-You-Can-Do-in-Lucid-Dreams-790x381by Dylan Harper

Lucid dreams, or dreams you have conscious control of, show how complicated and powerful our mind is.

I’ve written a lot of articles regarding different topics associated with dreaming. From the different reasons why dreams are so interesting, various motivations behind analyzing dreams for different people, the dangers of this analysis, and what exactly dreams might be. In this article, I intend on discussing the concept a specific type of dream. A dream state which interests everyone who studies dreams. Of which those who treasure dreams strive for. This style of dreams which I am referring to is often referred to as lucid dreams or dreams you have conscious control of.

Think about the possibilities. In a realm of your own creation, loosely reflecting the laws of physics which we are forced to abide by on a daily basis, but with us ruling over perception, perspective, occurrence, and interaction. To be conscious and acknowledge that you are in your own dream. The possibility that we can make anything happen, at will.

With this much capability, where do we start?

A lot of things come to mind immediately which would be exciting to get to experience. Flying, teleportation, living out fantasies, to name a few things to try out during your lucid dreams. But what other possibilities might exist? I’ve only ever experienced one lucid dream throughout my life, which took place in a comfortable setting, and all I wanted to do was continue “flying” over a line of trees. Though this is my only experience with lucid dreaming, a few of my friends have a lot of lucid dreams they were willing to share with me, and I was able to find some very useful websites on the topic like From these resources, I was able to discuss a few other alternatives to lucid dreams which are in a little more mature of a mindset and very thought-provoking to consider.

1. You can meet any person that you want

Any celebrity, an old teacher, maybe a person you’ve had a crush on for a while, in any setting. What would that be like? Through deliberation and discussion with friends, I have drawn the conclusion for myself, speculatively, that they would simply be a version of themselves based on your perceptions of interactions you’ve witnessed them in. These perceptions would be far beyond conscious perceptions like “oh they’re wearing a green shirt again, so and so must like green,” but rather more insightful understandings based on small twitches and facial reactions to circumstances.




Aug 23

Are We Living Inside a Virtual Simulation?

universe-matrixby Jon Rappoport

A 2012 study out of Bonn University led to a new round of speculation about the nature of the universe. (See here and here.)

The study proposes that cosmic rays undergo a strange energy shift. The energies are “re-fitted” to align with an underlying pattern or lattice. There is only one proper fit; no exceptions are permitted.

If the lattice is, indeed, a basic pixel-like Reality we are interacting with every day of our lives, then we could be living inside a created artifice.

A simulation.

Put this description alongside the hypothesis that the universe is a hologram: lines of code inscribed on a two-dimensional surface deliver instructions on how the lattice is built, and what its properties are.

In other words, the software which holographically projects the universe includes the exact structure of the lattice.

Then, by the rules of the game, energies which don’t automatically plug into the lattice framework precisely as they’re supposed to are “snapped to” a correct fit, as Mike Adams (Natural News) has suggested.

Mike has made the analogy to a television picture, which consists of pixels that have their own dimensions and structure. So if we imagine an all-encompassing “television picture,” this would be the lattice-controlled reality we live in.

In the long-term project of putting together my collections The Matrix Revealed and Exit From The Matrix, I did a great deal of research on other notions of creation or “reality-building.”




Aug 23

Exploring The True Story Behind Japan’s Eerie Suicide Forest

959_14_w480-016762n-759x500by Mark DeNicola

At the northwest base of infamous Mount Fuji in Japan lies Aokigahara, a 14 square mile forest of immense natural beauty. It’s also the most common location for suicides in Japan, which as a nation has the third highest suicide rate in the world.

To many, suicide is completely unthinkable, yet according to the World Health Organization, over 800,000 people end their own lives in this way per year. The severity of this global issue is most present in 15-29 year olds, as a 2012 study revealed it to be the second leading cause of death in that age group.

Aokigahara, also known as the Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees, has been the final destination for what is believed to be over a hundred individuals annually, despite efforts by both the Japanese government and volunteers to end this grisly tradition.

Many attribute the forest’s popularity as a suicide spot to the tragic novel Kuroi Jukai, written by Seichō Matsumoto in the 1960s. Within the popular novel, a heartbroken lover retreats to Aokigahara to end their life, possibly beginning the forest’s ascent into one of the most commonly used suicide locations in all of the world.

Hoping to put an end to or at least drastically decrease the incidence of suicide in this forest, the Japanese government has instituted a number of features, including increased patrols, security cameras at each entrance, and uplifting/thought provoking signs throughout the forest.

Volunteer-led searches are also said to be held annually with the intention of hopefully saving lives, but at the very least recovering and providing a proper burial for discovered bodies.

Bone Chilling Oddities About Aokigahara

  • According to folklore the forest is haunted with angry souls (called yūrei) that are created when a person dies with a feeling of anger or disdain. These souls are believed to play a role in persuading visitors off the path.
  • Despite the annual sweeps many bodies are still left unfound due to the forest’s natural density.
  • Death by hanging is said to be the most popular form of suicide committed, followed by poisoning.

A Density Unlike Any Other

Aside from its eerie reputation, what truly sets Aokigahara apart from other forests is its natural density, a feature that undoubtedly attributes to its use in this way. Not only could individuals easily carry out their suicidal act without notice, but many could also very easily get lost amidst the literal sea of trees that the landmark offers —potentially trapping and ending the lives of even those no longer or never intending to kill themselves.




Aug 23

You Are The Final Frontier

dancer-portraits-dance-photography-alexander-yakovlev-131-880x556by Soren Dreier

I wrote in a previous post: ‘When the laws of society go against the knowledge in our souls, we have no choice but to become an outlaw.’

There is another choice though: To stand down and do nothing. Override the calling of the soul and thereby the collective suffering and deceit and slip into cold comfort on the account of nothing changes. Because it seems contradictive to Spirituality – it is not.

Some people don’t have that choice: The old souls that arrived prior to the spiritual awakening.

With the seed of divine justice in their souls and hearts. With the ability, across emotions, to put their finger on the weak spots of the Matrix. Being able to see into more or less any given construct and sensing: Things are not cool here- it’s a trick.

We can call them what we want but no labels will be sufficient.

Truth seekers, keyboard warriors, trail blazing awakeners, spiritual warriors, who give a little more attention to the overall health of this planet and its inhabitants than: ‘322 ways to use Baking Soda.’

Let me be very clear on The Warrior Energy – You only have it when you have something to lose. Lots of folks calling themselves Spiritual Warriors are all locked up in pretty conformity, all safe.
It has nothing to do with the Spiritual concept of: Warrior Energy.

It’s a matter of who you are.
Didn’t you come to share a sense of wonder?
Didn’t you come to lift your spirit high?

It all comes down to you. The final frontier.




Aug 23

At 1,075 years old, this might be the oldest living tree in Europe

OldestTreeHeader_1024It was 750 when Isaac Newton came up with his laws of motion.

by Josh Hrala

Researchers might have just identified the oldest living tree in Europe: a Bosnian pine (Pinus heldreichii) that has been growing in the highlands of northern Greece since 941 AD, making it at least 1,075 years old.

While the find is just plain awesome in itself, the team says the tree – which they’ve named Adonis – might offer a unique glimpse into the region’s climate history, allowing them to better understand how the environment around it has changed over the past millennium.

“Many years ago I read a thesis about this very interesting forest in Greece. In our research, we try to build long chronologies to construct climate histories, so finding living trees of old age is one of our motivations,” said team leader Paul Krusic from Stockholm University in Sweden.

The tree was discovered during a research expedition aimed at examining the effects of climate change in a forest near Greece’s Pindos Mountains. It’s been dated using dendrochronology – a method that involves counting the rings inside a sample of the tree’s trunk.

OldestTreeBodyOliver Konter

“To age the tree, we needed to take a core of wood, from the outside to the centre. The core is 1 metre (3.2 feet) and has 1,075 annual rings,” Krusic explained.

He also said the sample used to count the rings wasn’t taken from the base of the tree, meaning that it might be even older, though he can’t say for sure how much.

The cool thing is Adonis isn’t alone. The team reports that there are about a dozen other trees nearby that are also over 1,000 years old, with Adonis being the most ancient.




Aug 22

Accessing Higher Levels of Consciousness



Aug 21

King Ragnar & Concepts of Spiritual Warfare

vikings-990x557Author: Soren Dreier

Yesterday the temperature here in Andalusia went from very hot to unbearable in the shade. Since the house isn’t equipped with AC, the metal shutters went down to keep the heat out. It has been so for quite some time, so I thought: too hot to work, but not too hot to chill to a series on TV. I am not plugged into the Matrix via TV, so it’s either DVD or Netflix.

I gave ‘Vikings’  a go, and it caught my interest so I stayed with it for four seasons.

I understood when I researched it, that it is fairly correct, historically. There have been some doubts whether they wore the right clothes, but it’s minor. In the center of events we have Ragnar Lothbrok and we follow his early years as well as his last? Time will tell.

During the first part of Ragnar’s life he is busy conquering land and women and engaging in sneaky business to get himself to power, first as an Earl – Later a King.

Ragnar has a feminine side to him that is shown brilliantly by little gestures of his hands and eyes and in his relationship to women. He only conquers them with consent, dazzled by their softness, and he does not engage in rapes on women and children. He finds that disgusting.

Ragnar is curious about this world and his need for power combined with his thirst of knowledge leads him to go West, and as the first Viking, to set his foot on English and later French soil.They loot and they slaughter and that story is generally well known.

Ragnar finds his soulmate in a British monk named Athelstan.

He finds himself drawn to Christianity and the monk only survives because Ragnar sees him as a source of knowledge and protects him against the hard-core Norse Religion followers who wish to kill his ‘pet’ Christian.




Aug 20

Emptiness is the fullness of potential

Image2by Brian Thompson.

Emptiness is often discussed in Zen, Advaita, Non-Duality and Buddhism, but, what does it truly point towards? There are subtle differences in how each tradition uses its teaching, but its essential essence remains the same.

Emptiness is complete inner-silence; a quiescent mind, empty of the belief that oneself is a separate entity with an independent existence, apart from all others.

Emptiness is empty of any egoic influence.

Emptiness is when a person’s inner-storytelling and self-conceptualizing has stopped entirely, leaving only an aware, empty presence of stillness, joy, contentment and peace. To realize true emptiness is to no longer be distracted by any thought that spontaneously appears, intuitively knowing that you are not any of them, and that you are the empty and pure presence of consciousness that perceives them.

To abide in emptiness is to have the non-dual realization that you are not the personal “doer” who you’ve always thought yourself to be. It is an absolute understanding that there is nothing that needs to be done, as there is no separate entity within who is able to assert any such independent volition over its life.

There is only life being lived—which is empty of any conceptual meaning, empty of any praise or blame, empty of any separation or division, and empty of any personal entities who can control what is spontaneously happening.

Life happens—and “you” are its witnessing consciousness.




Aug 20

Neolithic Human Cultures: The Earliest Phase of Virtual Reality

cave-of-forgotten-dreamsImmersion is a key feature of virtual reality. VR headsets like the Oculus Rift quite literally dictate your audio and visual input. It was hardly a century ago that humanity was in the pre-digital age. Hypnosis and imagination have always been the keys to dreamlike immersion in a fantasy. Like today’s movies and games, religious stories play upon archetypes deep within the collective human imagination. Virtual reality simulations may appear futuristic, but they can be traced back through the whole of human civilization, to its inception point in tribal animistic and spiritual cultures of the neolithic era.

Lascaux_paintingThe Allegory of the Cave

Human civilization has always been a virtual reality.  At the onset of culture, which was propagated through the proto-media of cave painting, the talking drum, music, fetish art making, oral tradition and the like, Homo sapiens began a march into cultural virtual realities, a march that would span the entirety of the human enterprise.  We don’t often think of cultures as virtual realities, but there is no more apt descriptor for our widely diverse sociological organizations and interpretations than the metaphor of the “virtual reality.”  Indeed, the virtual reality metaphor encompasses the complete human project.

Virtual Reality researchers, Jim Blascovich and Jeremy Bailenson, write in their book Infinite Reality; “[Cave art] is likely the first animation technology”, where it provided an early means of what they refer to as “virtual travel”.  You are in the cave, but the media in that cave, the dynamic-drawn, fire-illuminated art, represents the plains and animals outside—a completely different environment, one facing entirely the opposite direction, beyond the mouth of the cave.  When surrounded by cave art, alive with movement from flickering torches, you are at once inside the cave itself whilst the media experience surrounding you encourages you to indulge in fantasy, and to mentally simulate an entirely different environment.  Blascovich and Bailenson suggest that in terms of the evolution of media technology, this was the very first immersive VR. Both the room and helmet-sized VRs used in the present day are but a sophistication of this original form of media VR tech.

Today, philosophers and critics have pointed out that businesses such as McDonald’s and Starbucks are like virtual realities in and of themselves.  They have a specific and immersive decorum as well as sanctioned behaviors, symbols, and even philosophies.  When you enter Starbucks, you enter Starbucks World.  In contemporary jargon, these are called hyperrealities—they are microcosms with their own purposes and messages.  Disneyland and Times Square are the epitome of consumerist hyperrealities in the United States.  These hyperrealities are cloned (copied and pasted) and hold a global footprint in an ever-homogenized worldwide monoculture.  They are a touchstone of the global capitalist project; many stores in many locations that are nearly exactly the same.  (Similarly, even restaurants that aren’t franchise mega-chains offer differing atmospheres; competing little worlds to wine and dine in.)  Where did the hyperrealities that typify contemporary life get their start?  What happened between the cave paintings, and these franchises that nearly everyone on the planet today knows intimately well?  I’d like to suggest they got their start with the codification of certain places of worship and the belief systems that joined them.

[To read the whole article, by Elliot Edge, click here]

[via Evolve and Ascend…]



Aug 20

How Your Mind Affects Your Health

Screen-Shot-2016-08-17-at-11.53.53-AMby Ed and Deb Shapiro

We hold huge amounts of repressed or denied grief, anger, trauma, memories, or emotional pain deep in the cells of our body, and every so often they make themselves known, as in an aching lower back or migraine headache.

“I try to just notice myself, without judgment,” says Christine Evans in Your Body Speaks Your Mind: “I notice that I feel sick when my ex-lover rings, or sad when my lower back is massaged. I notice the area between my shoulder blades that aches when I’m tired or feeling tense. I notice that the sick feeling, the retching and vomiting, is about not accepting how I really feel and not believing that I have the right to feel whatever it is.”

Become aware of the physical effects in your body of different situations, thoughts or feelings. As you do this, you will see how closely all the different parts of your being, both physical and psycho/emotional, are interwoven.

What happens when you are irritated or frustrated
If you are stuck in a traffic jam, a client is late for an appointment, or the children keep interrupting your conversation, what happens to your breathing, or your shoulders, or your stomach muscles? Does your breathing get short and shallow? Does your stomach tighten?

Observe anxiety reactions
What happens when you are worried or anxious about something, perhaps a child who is late coming home, a presentation you have to give, or the results of your partner’s blood test? Where do you hold the anxiety? What physical effect does it have? Do fears about the future create a pain in your stomach? Or does your back always ache in the same place?

Watch how you feel when anger abounds
If your boss or your partner shouts at you, what happens to your heart, your head, or your insides? What do you do with angry feelings? Do you bury them inside? Is your headache because of unexpressed anger? Do you swallow hard, get a sore throat, clench your teeth, or get constipated?




Aug 20

The Pineal Gland: A Modulator Of Human Consciousness?

Image1by Tim Bryant

Often referred to as the third eye, the seat of the soul, or the epicenter of enlightenment; the pineal gland has been something of a mystery when it come to science, yet this small gland in the brain has earned high praised amongst many esoteric/metaphysical schools of thought as being quintessential to spiritual development. What’s even more fascinating is that the pineal gland is not just an important concept to one or two cultural traditions, but is applauded for extraordinary abilities to raise consciousness among a variety of cultures all over the world.

Not only is the pineal gland a praised tool for spiritual enlightenment, but scientifically it has many special properties that make it quite unique when it comes to the human physiology. Roughly just the size of a pea, the pineal gland not only receives the most blood flow of any organ in the body, minus the kidneys, but it is one of the largest producers in the body of the all important chemical serotonin.

Pineal GlandUnfortunately, trying to find hard data on the pineal gland that is reliable is few and far between, given that speculation of its powers are rampant, yet scientific research on the gland is lacking to say the least. Due to the many questions that are still unanswered on the subject, Jay the Explorer and I have decided to put our minds together and dive deeper into just exactly what the pineal gland is, offering both known research and speculation as to what lies deeper beyond the surface.

There is a lot to be learned from current research and even further that still needs to be explored. The hope is that this podcast will provide people with a solid foundation as to what exactly the pineal gland might be, as well as a few tantalizing theories as to what we might discover as we move into future studies.




Aug 19

From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers’ Warning (Kogi message)

This documentary was the world’s primary introduction to the Kogi and their crucial message about the serious negative consequences of modern Man’s way of existing on this Earth. It was originally released in 1992, and is not currently available online (except on Youtube).

– – – –
The latest message from the Kogi is available at Please watch and share.
– – – –

If you watch this video and feel inspired by the Kogi and their message, please know that they have NO interest in people coming to visit them and their sacred lands. This includes visiting La Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City), which for the Kogi was never “lost”. Rather, it was purposefully hidden, because it is an incredibly sacred site that even many Kogi are not permitted to visit… and certainly not tourists.

The Kogi have gone to GREAT lengths, for the past 500+ years to keep their sacred lands free from the energy and unconscious spiritual issues of outsiders. This is something the average “Westerner” might have a hard time understanding. But all we need to understand is that the Kogi DON’T want people visiting their lands, and whether we understand the spiritual reasons for this, or not, is unimportant. Being in their territories uninvited is like walking into a complete stranger’s house, uninvited, and walking through the rooms of that house as if it were your own. It is rude and inappropriate. Please take this to HEART and KNOW what it means to violate their wish to NOT have outsiders in their sacred lands.

If you feel—and KNOW within your heart—that you have a genuine calling (not just idle curiosity) to support the Kogi in some way, my only recommendation is that you take a serious and sincere interest in recovering your attention from the great many distractions—most especially “spiritual” distractions—and doing what it takes to come into greater consciousness of who you are as Spirit, where you are from as Spirit, and precisely why you are here, as Spirit. This is hard and, at times, painstaking work.

Most importantly, know that the message of the Kogi is a practical one. That we day-by-day apply ourselves to the deep work of resolving our issues, misconceptions, projections, negative tendencies, etc. And that we do EVERYTHING within our power to stop living a lie (the Modern world) which is quite obviously destructive and out of alignment with LIFE. In simple terms, they are making it clear that the Western world must drastically change its ways, less we go through drastic changes. If you’re reading this, that likely includes you. The Kogi are not simply something interesting for our entertainment or idle curiosity. They do NOT wish to be idolised, for that only marginalises the deep importance of their message, which is, in reality, the Mother’s message. AND once more, they do NOT want people trying to visit their sacred lands in Columbia. Such actions are deeply inappropriate.

To see the most recent documentary on and by the Kogi, please look online for Aluna The Movie. It can be streamed for a nominal price, and is worth watching. It was released in late 2014.



Aug 19

What Is Remote Viewing And How Does It Work

Image1Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to see things that you normally could not? Well, we have previously discussed astral projection and how it can do these things, but there is another way that can give you the power to use the mind to access specific targets, and in higher levels, targets that are in different time periods: remote viewing.

What Is The Difference Between Astral Projection And Remote Viewing?

Astral projection and remote viewing are very similar, in the sense that it allows the user to travel through space and time without actually having their physical body do so. But the stark difference between the two is that astral projection projects the astral body out, giving an out-of-body experience, whereas remote viewing is the controlled use of extrasensory perception, or ESP, through a specific method, to perceive the target from great distances and even different times.

Another difference is that astral projection requires the user to fall asleep, thus a lot of time and preparation to be able to perform. Remote viewing sessions, however, are only about an hour or so, pretty much allowing the user to perform it at their convenience.

One key similarity between the two however is that, unlike ESP and innate psychic abilities some people have, both astral projection and remote viewing rely on learned steps to perform, which means anyone can learn the skill and do it as needed.

How Does It Work?
There are many theories surrounding remote viewing and how it works. Some experts in the field say that remote viewers tap into the “Universal Mind”, a cosmic database, if you will, where all information is stored that span space and time. Another theory is the “hyperconscious state” theory wherein the remote viewer can tune in, like a radio, on specific targets within the universal consciousness that ties all living things together. One more theory is the “virtual reality traveling” theory that allows the remote viewer to simulate an astral projection, but not really; the viewer is simply tapping into the cosmic energies that permeate everything in order to observe their targets.
Is It All Fake?
Skeptics abound claim that remote viewing is just “new age horse dung”, but throughout modern history, remote viewing has been observed and tested numerous times, that during the Cold War, both the US and the Soviet governments have devoted departments and funds to further its study and usage.

One famous case is that of Ingo Swann, who correctly remote viewed back in 1973 that the planet Jupiter had rings, at a time when it was Saturn that was known for its rings. Skeptics all claimed fakery, until later space probes confirmed his claim.




Aug 19

The Sacred Contribution of the Mazatec Shaman to the Spiritual World

maria-sabina-mazatec-shamanThere was a time when shamanic ceremonies played a key role in a society. Such rituals involved the consumption of different herbs under the supervision of the shaman who acted as a spiritual guide for those overwhelmed by the strong effects of their alternative medicine.

The Aztec Empire is renowned for its many ‘exotic’ practices that involved mushrooms, the special kind. They called them ‘teonanácatl’ which stands for ‘god mushrooms’. Using these powerful instruments, Aztec spiritual leaders were communing with their deities, or other powerful spirits from an alternative plane of existence.

This however was about to change with the coming of the Spanish conquistadores who misunderstood these timeworn practices and quickly demonized them. The mushrooms were considered tools of the devil by the Catholic missionaries, and soon these practices became forbidden under the capital law in both Central and South America.

The sacred mushrooms remained in the shadows for many centuries, with the remaining shamans hiding in secluded areas. With the expanse of the Western world, shamans became very few and chances for their knowledge to pass on to other generations became slim. The mushroom cult and their miraculous healing capabilities were close to becoming extinct, but something happened in the 1900s that was about to change all that.

maria-sabina-300x228@2xResiding in Huautla de Jimenez, in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico, Maria Sabina played an important role in delivering the true meaning and potential of psychedelic mushrooms to the modern man. She was a healer, curandera, and last but not least, a shaman.

In 1955, Gordon Wasson and Allan Richardson became the first known white men to participate in a nocturnal Mazatec mushroom ceremony. Each of them ingested six pairs of the mushroom Psilocybe caerulescens var. mazatecorum, and were further guided throughout the trip by Maria Sabina. The effects consisted in visions of geometric patterns, outlandish palaces and architectural vistas. Their experience was then published in Life Magazine, Mya 13 1957, in an article named “Seeking the Magic Mushroom”.

The article offered a massive exposure to this ancient practice, and soon after, people interested in healing in spirituality began traveling from across the world (especially the US) to the region of Mexico where they attended similar ceremonies. Dr. Timothy Leary and many other found inspiration in the above mentioned article, thus beginning their spiritual journey.

Maria Sabina was a gifted shaman ever since she was young of age. She dubbed the mushrooms “little saints” after a bizarre experience she had during childhood.

I was eight years old when a brother of my mother fell sick. He was very sick, and the shamans of the sierra that had tried to cure him with herbs could do nothing for him.

Then I remembered what the teo-nanacatl [mushrooms] told me: that I should go and look for them when I needed help. So I went to take the sacred mushrooms, and I brought them to my uncle’s hut. I ate them in front of my uncle, who was dying. And immediately the teo-nanacatl took me to their world, and I asked them what my uncle had and what I could do to save him.




Aug 19

The Mysterious Link Between Planets and Metals

Alchemist-by-Joseph-Wright-1771by Katarina | Dotted Dragonfly

I look at the full moon and the starry night sky and stand in awe. That same awe people must have felt through millennia, that brings out those deeper questions of our nature and existence.

Is there any civilisation before us who hasn’t felt this at their core? Peoples before us had such reverence for the celestial objects, they saw their gods in the planets. In a search for meaning, they turned to the sky. They believed the planets of our solar system have significant power over their destinies.

The word planet has its roots in the Greek word planētēs, meaning “wanderer”, because certain celestial objects moved across the sky relative to the fixed stars. They called these objects asteres planetai – wandering stars. There were 7 classical planets that they could observe with the naked eye: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

During the times of Ancient history, there were 7 important metals which humans had identified and widely used. These are gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, led, and tin. Although several other elements were known in certain ancient cultures, like zinc, arsenic, or antimony, they did´t have such widespread use and importance.

When humans discovered metals and how to use them, it had a such profound impact on the human culture and progress of civilisation. Today we call the early time periods of the past that followed the Stone Age by their use of metals: the Bronze Age, the Iron Age. The discovery of metals was revolutionary, and probably started in the ancient Near East, today called one of the ‘cradles of civilisation’.

These 7 classical metals were so prominent that they were associated with planets-gods. In alchemy, this association was so indisputable that the alchemical symbols used for these 7 metals were most commonly the corresponding planet symbols.

An extract and symbol key from Kenelm Digby’s A Choice Collection of Rare Secrets, 1682

An extract and symbol key from Kenelm Digby’s A Choice Collection of Rare Secrets, 1682

The metals were considered to be a material expression of the parent planet and it’s energy. But what aspects of these metals attributed them this affiliation with their planets?




Aug 19

Avoiding The Sun’s Rays Is A Misinformed Trend Causing Global Rise In Cancers

by Marco Torres

A causative link between the sun and cancer does not exist and never has. The cancer and sunscreen industries have made it their mission to convince the world that sunlight is a primary cause of skin cancer, when in fact it has been shown to prevent it and many other forms of cancer.

sunprev44010-original-webFearful beachgoers in China are trading their suncreen and hats for facekinis.

It is a common sight these days to come across girls riding their two-wheelers and scooties, all covered up to avoid the sun’s rays on their person. They even wrap a stole around their faces, such that not an inch of their face is seen, and wear gloves to keep the sun away from their skin.

Experts say that despite living in a tropical climate, it is unfortunate that many don’t expose themselves to the sun to get the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of vitamin D.

According to nutritionist Dharini Krishnan we don’t expose ourselves enough to the sun. “We sleep in air-conditioned bedrooms, commute in air-conditioned cars and work in air-conditioned offices. Even those who travel by bikes cover themselves from head to toe. We don’t want to expose ourselves to sunlight even for a few minutes. This results in vitamin D deficiency as sunlight is the only major source of vitamin D. All we need to do is stand under the sun for 15 minutes at least three times a week. Our lifestyle is lethargic and we depend a lot on air-conditioners. It is good to get exposed to the sun from 10am to 4pm to get the needed vitamin D for our body.

sunlightedave3Sunlight DOES NOT Cause Skin Cancer, It’s Your Best Defense Against Cancer

Exposure to ultraviolet B radiation in sunlight provides the mechanism for more than 90% of the vitamin D production in most individuals. The widespread use of sunscreens, particularly those with high sun protection factors (SPF), may lead to a significant decrease in solar-induced previtamin D3 in the skin, resulting in a vitamin D level which is insufficient for protection against a wide range of diseases.




Aug 19

Super Psychic Kids, Are They Here To Change The World?

Super Psychic Kids Are They Here To Change The WorldOver the last 20 years, teachers and child development specialists have reported a dramatic change in the children they deal with.

These newer children grow up faster both physically and mentally. They tackle problems and school subjects in often unconventional ways and possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural abilities, such as telepathy. These are the ‘New Children’.

In recent decades, there has been much interest in the New Children, from both scientific and spiritual perspectives. Some argue they are here to assist humanity in a transition to a higher consciousness.

They despise violence and instead lean toward compassion for suffering and misfortune. They often have a fascination with space and many feel a connection to other worlds.

The New Children are also referred to as Star, Indigo, Rainbow or Crystal children, and these names are related to the colour in their auras, which are connected with the Third Eye’s frequency.

Some believe the purpose of the New Children is to help the planet evolve spiritually by moving away from greed, corruption, and competition into a new way of living comprised of love, integrity, and cooperation.

Experts and authors Lee Carroll and Jan Tober believe the supernatural children represent “perhaps the most exciting, albeit odd, change in basic human nature that has ever been observed and documented”.




Aug 19

Consciousness Continues: Life After Death Has Officially Been Confirmed by Experts

shutterstock_228731998-672x372We all know it’s coming, sooner or hopefully later! Death is just one of those things that happen to us all, eventually.

One thing many of us agree on, is life after death, but now scientists confirm that once your heart has stopped beating, your consciousness continues!

Over 2,000 people were studied by British scientists who say thought persists after death, and they have also found evidence that out-of-body experiences are in fact real in those who are declared dead and then revived.

Commonly believed by most scientists is that the brain was no longer active after the heart stopped pumping blood for 30 seconds and that consciousness awareness then also ceased to exist. The researchers at University of Southampton feels otherwise and have proven that awareness is still experienced for up to 3 minutes after declared dead.shutterstock_172690529

Dr Sam Parnia, the head researcher of the study said: “Contrary to perception, death is not a specific moment but a potentially reversible process that occurs after any severe illness or accident causes the heart, lungs and brain to cease functioning.

“If attempts are made to reverse this process, it is referred to as ‘cardiac arrest’; however, if these attempts do not succeed it is called ‘death’.”

40% Of the 2,060 cardiac arrest survival patients who were interviewed for the study said that after being pronounced clinically dead, they were able to recall some form of awareness.

“This suggests more people may have mental activity initially but then lose their memories after recovery, either due to the effects of brain injury or sedative drugs on memory recall.” Dr Parnia explained.

One of the biggest and most significant finding was that of a 57 year old man who, after a cardiac arrest, was able to recall everything accurately that happening around him while he was temporarily dead!




Aug 19

Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods & Elitist Academia

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on an attempted academic coup in Turkey’s Göbekli Tepe. International bestseller & Author of ‘Magicians of the Gods’, Graham Hancock, discusses a catastrophic event that wiped out our ancient ancestors & the institutions trying to keep this civilisation a secret.



Aug 19

We Have it Within Ourselves to Raise our Conscious Level and That of Humanity

Screen-Shot-2016-02-21-at-11.59.16-AMby Belsebuub, Guest | Waking Times

Observing the inner and outer worldWe should take the time to know how we respond inwardly to life, because by changing ourselves and allowing consciousness to shine, we change not only our own lives but those of others around us, and, if enough people raise their conscious level, we can bring about a real change for good in the world.

If we don’t understand ourselves, no matter how many victories for truth there are, the inner level of the majority will keep dragging society downwards into corruption, disorder, and destruction. And even those who pursue truth in the world are not immune to the adverse effects of the subconscious.

All of us live in the present moment – it’s a quality of being alive, but it’s the way we perceive it that can make huge difference to our lives.

Within us is a multitude of constantly changing thoughts, feelings and emotions, and not all of it is good. In fact, in the subconscious are awful inner states that are usually hidden from awareness and that are the roots of corruption and destruction. The subconscious is essential for us to function in the world and it goes on while we are thinking about something else, but the problem is that it’s saturated by these ego states.

Our psyche responds automatically to things that we experience in our lives, but there are parts of it that we have the ability to change, which are the individual states that relate to thought, feeling, and emotion, and they constantly come and go. And so for example we can become less angry or less fearful and so on. These ego states such as anger, fear, greed, anxiety, aggression, and so on, are born of the basic human psyche, but they develop and multiply in complex directions according to each person, and it is through the many different inner states and thoughts that we subjectively interpret the world.

Most people don’t know it, but these inner states can be studied with self-observation and reduced and even removed. This is what gives us self-knowledge and it is with this that we can change and respond to life in a different way.




Aug 17

It’s All In The Psyche

Image1by Paul Levy

The underlying source of what is playing out on the world stage is the unconscious psyche of humanity. However, because of its obviousness, this fact goes unnoticed by most people. Jung said, “The psyche is the greatest of all cosmic wonders and the “sin qua non” [indispensable ingredient] of the world as an object. It is in the highest degree odd that western man, with but very few- and ever fewer- exceptions, apparently pays so little regard to this fact. Swamped by the knowledge of external objects, the subject of all knowledge [the psyche] has been temporarily eclipsed to the point of seeming nonexistence.”

We have overlooked the fact that we cannot have an experience of the seemingly external world without the presence of the psyche. The psyche is the organ through which we experience the seemingly outer world. This is to say that on a deeper level the inner psyche and the outer world are inseparably united parts of a greater, more all-encompassing whole. Modern humanity has fallen asleep to the primary importance of our own psyche in creating our experience, our world and ourselves.

Recognizing the psychic nature of our experience is analogous to recognizing the dream-like nature of our universe. Unaware of the role that our psyche plays in the co-creation of our universe, we of necessity “dream up” or create our world in such a way so as to remind us of the profound importance of the psyche. This is analogous to how, in a night dream, we “dream up” our unconscious into manifestation in, as and through the dream so as to reveal itself to us and help us to awaken. And just like in a night dream, if we don’t get the “message” that our dream-like universe is revealing to us, we can expect to have endless re-iterations of the same waking nightmare, as if we are having a recurring dream.

Interestingly, in the above quote, Jung uses the word “eclipsed,” which means “to hide.” Etymologically, the word ec-lipse is the antonym of the word “apoca-lypse,” whose inner meaning is “the unveiling of what has been hidden.” In these apocalyptic times we are living in, the light is being “un-eclipsed,” thereby penetrating our universe to the core so as to illumine the hidden darkness for all to see. Something that has remained “hidden” is being revealed to us. The veil is being lifted, and the integral role the human psyche plays in co-creating our world is being shown to us in bold relief through events unfolding in our world. We are simply asked to recognize what is being revealed.

When we disassociate from a part of ourselves, we of necessity project it outside of ourselves and unconsciously “dream up,” and create the universe to reflect back to us our underlying psychic disassociation. If we are disassociated from the psyche, the psyche is disassociated from itself, which of necessity will then play itself out in the sandbox of the outer world. The seemingly outer world is not only not separate from the psyche that is experiencing it, but is in fact an unmediated reflection of the very psyche itself. The indisputable fact that the outer world and the inner psyche are never found apart from one another is to say that they are inseparably united in a “Oneness” that is unable to be divided. The obviousness of this realization is what makes it so seemingly difficult to see.

We tend to not see the primary role the psyche plays in our world because it is the psyche through which we see the world in the first place. The psyche is simultaneously the object and subject of its own investigation. In observing the psyche, the observer is truly the observed.




Aug 17

Spiritual Electromagnetism ~ Sevan Bomar

“Vibratory energy, i.e. frequency and waves determine what realm and time you are in. We forget that our Ancestors are perfected Beings. They are like Trees and we are the Seeds growing upward. We can now see that we are actually headed to unity and we get closer and closer everyday whether we want to or not. It is not something someone can take away or prevent, it is inevitable. Armed with such knowledge and gifts of perspective you can now power yourself from a guaranteed point in the future in which you will connect with all there is and all there ever will be. THE TRUE YOU #allisself

“Every now and then something comes along that changes everything…

It’s all too often we wish to pursue the higher meaning to life, however, the structure of modern society allots very few opportunities to engage in true, vivid esoteria. James Evans Bomar III (more popularly know as “Sevan”) has spent over a decade in diligent pursuit of the esoteric inner workings – extracting hidden knowledge and innovative methods of application from the worlds most proficient spiritual resources.



Aug 17

How you might be operating inside the box and in denial

How inside the box and denial are you, Sonia Barrett discusses our investment into these fictitious characters that we are so invested in. She brings to the forefront the manner in which we lie to ourselves or are in denial, and how we maybe in a box.



Aug 17

A Mystic On A Need To Know Basis

by Soren Dreier


I get a lot of reactions when I post about the Morph.

The ability to go into the Morph isn’t elitist in any way. The Morph or the Aluna, as Stuart would call it, is there within reach and I’m quite happy to be able to guide people to it.

I don’t distinguish between the Morph and the Aluna.
Some would make that distinction, I won’t. I’m not a big fan of making things complicated because when we perceive things to be complicated, it will often be on the account of the fact that we don’t understand them or somebody trademarks them for monetary reasons.

If you think of the Morph as complicated or divided, it will close its doors on you. But the good news even to that is: It is still there and every day you might plug into it, unknowingly.

Although I would recommend: Just know it’s there, don’t go elitist on it and don’t see it necessarily as something you can’t achieve. You can, it’s there and you go there every day, unknowingly or consciously.

I don’t read about the Morph. Since it is not an intellectual affair, it’s an emotional affair and feelings are the key to it. But speaking of the Morph I have to mention Stuart as a Morph pioneer, since he in some ways, road mapped the Morph. He deserves a lot of credit for that, and time will grant him that credit.

I don’t really know anybody on this planet with the knowledge of the Morph that Stuart had.  Some uses his roadmap as a spin off, but I don’t see it as genuine.

When I engaged in discussing the Morph with Stuart, which we did in mails back and forth, he was extremely open to my concept of the Morph and the Aluna. And I was of course extremely open to his concept of it, since I have never been schooled at it in any way.




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