Aug 30

Government propaganda and the enslavement of humanity

by Bernie Suarez | RINF Alternative News

worldAs we move through 2014 and beyond, humanity stands in awe of government propaganda, engineered narratives and ongoing scaremongering. With part of humanity awakened to the control system’s tactics, many of us are locked in focus mode, brainstorming new ways of exposing the ongoing propaganda. No sooner do we expose one false flag, when another is engineered. There is enough lies and propaganda to confuse an entire generation if you are not paying attention.

The control system is eager to distract the masses to ensure the success of their propaganda and scaremongering which is designed to keep people under control. Along with this long term agenda is a long term agenda of distraction and entertainment. Amazingly, the distraction and propaganda work carefully together as an effective tool to keep the dance going. This dance has produced three types of consciousness that are probably the most meaningful to the overall survival of the human race.

1- One segment of humanity (we’ll call segment A) is focused on perpetuating the plan to control humanity. They know what they are doing, they know who their enemies are, and they have a master plan. Want to call them the .1 percent? The Illuminati? The New World Order? Whatever you want to call them, you get the pictures.



Aug 30

Collective Consciousness Will Change The World!


While consciousness may be difficult to explain many common references to consciousness outline it is a combination of an individual’s state of awareness of thoughts, feelings and external experiences that give us some form of recognition of self.

collective consciousnessThe word itself is derived from the Latin, meaning joint or common knowledge. As Max Velmans and Susan Schneider wrote in The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness:

“Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our consciousness, making conscious experience at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives.”(1)

Our conscious experiences are always changing; our consciousness may shift from moment to moment, this constant state of flux alters our state of awareness in a ongoing dance of the mind. In totality we know that our conscious mind is the controlling influence, the control system of everything we do, say, think, feel and experience.



Aug 30

History Is Witness To The Aftermath When The Rule Of Law Becomes The Law Of Rules…

by Watchman

Image1When a government no longer follows the rule of law, imposing instead it’s own law by decree – history teaches that a society becomes ruled by the gun.

Legitimate government bound by the rule of law has the moral authority to uphold the law and impose justice. A government the discards the rule of law, for it’s own rules and laws, no longer has any moral authority. As such, the rule of law is always replaced by the rule of the gun – either to force compliance with a government’s dictates and whims, or in resistance to the government’s dictates and whims. Regardless which is employed (usually both) – rivers of blood follow as history teaches that civil wars and conflicts are usually the most brutal.

Obama and his party (and to a minor degree the GOP leadership oligarchy) – are setting the stage for that exact consequence to be visited upon what used to be the home of the free.

What we are witnessing, is the devolution of the civil society into tyranny prompted by the incitement of anarchy. The stoking of unrest in Ferguson by the White House, it’s attorney general and assorted race pimps like Sharpton, illustrate this fact in the local sense.



Aug 29

This just keeps getting better and better….

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Aug 29

Religion is like…

Aug 29

Why won’t you arrest me so I can show you it’s a fraud?

YouTube Preview Image

So I had my buddy call the police on me for smoking weed in the park so I could try to get arrested and prove that the LEGAL NAME is a fraud. I DID make an error, at one point I said “this is not illegal”, but it is, which is a good thing. Unfortunately they sent a good cop (never thought I would say that) and he refused to arrest me even after I practically begged him to. I had a hitter, thinking he would at least try to write a ticket, but no. This isn’t really a victory because it wasn’t the fraud that stopped him, he was just a good guy. Don’t try to say “this proves nothing” I didn’t say it did. This is just my documented encounter. However he WAS served the notice and hopefully it will get through the system. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow.


Aug 29

Brazil dismantles ‘biggest destroyer’ of Amazon rainforest

The group is accused of logging and burning large areas of public land in the Amazon

The group is accused of logging and burning large areas of public land in the Amazon

The authorities in Brazil say they have dismantled a criminal organisation they believe was the “biggest destroyer” of the Amazon rainforest.

The gang is accused of invading, logging and burning large areas of public land and selling these illegally for farming and grazing.

In a statement, Brazilian Federal Police said the group committed crimes worth more than $220m (£134m).

A federal judge has issued 14 arrest warrants for alleged gang members.

Twenty-two search warrants were also issued and four suspects are being called in for questioning.

The police operation covers four Brazilian states, including Sao Paulo.



Aug 29

Pentagon Has ‘Everything Must Go’ Sale

YouTube Preview Image

After protestors in Ferguson, Missouri, were met with a militarized police force, new attention was brought to the Pentagon’s 1033 program, a program that supplies military-grade equipment to local police departments, often for free. Check out a commercial Reason TV has unearthed advertising the program to law enforcement.


Aug 29

Shaken By Doubt?

by Ida Lawrence

imagesWhat do you do when ‘always believe in yourself’ begins to crumble? Ask: What is it that you’re doubting. That seems to me, to be the question. There is a difference between believing in your beliefs, and believing in your Self, so let’s look at it.

After six decades, it seems that I still have an evolving belief system. The spiritual ideal holding that changing picture together would be a childhood wish for a clean heart and right spirit. I suspect that’s the case for a lot of us… remembering ourselves as children, we did have a desire to do right and feel clean inside… clean and free.

Little did we know what we were going to journey through, and how it would test us. We only knew that some things felt uncomfortable, and other things felt comfortable. Then there were pressures of fitting in, and pressures of the belief systems around us. Somehow we made it through to adulthood, with the clean heart/right spirit desire still there… hopefully not too dimmed by ‘reality’. At that point of adulthood, some of us would ask, “Who am I”.

Maybe we can consider this question the starting point of the individual. I didn’t get to it until the third decade of my life when I became what you’d call a spiritual seeker. I jumped into one book after another, and occasionally visited a group that purported to have answers. But eventually there was an end of the road and a profound knowing that I knew nothing. I read my last spiritual book… for a while.



Aug 29

CDC Whistleblower Makes Official Statement: Admits CDC Hid Vaccine Link to Autism

By Dean Garrison | D.C. Clothesline

imagesWhere the hell is the mainstream media on this? D.C. Clothesline has been a bit behind on this story but thank God for Mike Adams at Natural News and John Rappaport at No More Fake News. These warriors have brought this story into American homes and the story must be told.

Vaccines have been suspected to be linked to the increase in Autism by alternative media for years. But only now is the truth beginning to unravel. William W. Thompson, Ph.D., released an official statement through his attorney on Wednesday. Now the mainstream media and the government must respond. There must be an investigation and the truth must come out.

Americans need to know if they can trust their government. Let’s not forget that the CDC has changed its story about Ebola recently. Now they are admitting that the disease is airborne and claiming that Ebola’s arrival in America is inevitable. However, there are many who also believe that the Ebola scare is about selling vaccines and cures. Is this how the CDC works? Is public health secondary to profits for big pharma (and big agra)?



Aug 29

Rotherham Council Paid Paedophile Taxi Drivers To Pick Up Vulnerable Girls.

…And despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the taxi drivers sexually abusing young girls were of ‘Pakistani Heritage’ the only driver banned from driving the children was “white”.

From BBC’s Today Programme [29/08/2014]

YouTube Preview Image



Aug 29

Police probe as independence referendum votes ‘sold’ on eBay

The homepage website and logo of eBayPolice have launched an investigation after a number of people attempted to sell their votes for the independence referendum online.

Various listings appeared on internet auction site eBay offering bidders the chance to purchase the sellers’ personal votes on September 18.

The Electoral Commission confirmed it was aware of the incident and eBay has since removed the listings from its site.

One person, using the identity ‘chrisoc1986′, and who says on their profile they are located in Glasgow, sold their vote for £1.04.



Aug 29

The Nanny State Is Chemically Castrating Our Children’s Brains

by Dave Hodges

Bill Gates, the biggest purveyor of vaccines.

Bill Gates, the biggest purveyor of vaccines.

Government should not be in the business of mandating personal choices and government should never be allowed to legislate choices which should be reserved for parents with regard to their children’s health and welfare. The parents are sovereign over the welfare of their children, not the nanny state.

In the name of increasing the corporate bottom line, the government watchdog industries of the DEA and FDA, as well as the office of the President, have become the willing lap dogs for Big Pharma and this unholy alliance is serving to endanger our children.

Big Pharma has gone to great lengths to increase sales to the youth of America either through chemically castrating our children’s brains or by producing drugs with very serious side effects which serve to seriously degrade both the brain and the body. Our children are being systematically destroyed by the pharmaceutical industry.



Aug 29

Tony Blair’s tips to a dictator on how to justify a massacre of unarmed civilians

by Robert Mendick

Tony Blair is paid £7 million a year to advise Kazakhstan’s ruler on how to prettify a regime that is notorious for abuses of human rights and killing unarmed protesters.

Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev pays Tony Blair '£7 million a year for 'advice' on managing the image of a dictator who slaughters unarmed civilians protesting against his regime.

Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev pays Tony Blair ‘£7 million a year for ‘advice’ on managing the image of a dictator who slaughters unarmed civilians protesting against his regime.

Tony Blair gave Kazakhstan’s autocratic president advice on how to manage his image after the slaughter of unarmed civilians protesting against his regime.

In a letter to Nursultan Nazarbayev, obtained by The Telegraph, Mr Blair told the Kazakh president that the deaths of 14 protesters “tragic though they were, should not obscure the enormous progress” his country had made.

Mr Blair, who is paid millions of pounds a year to give advice to Mr Nazarbayev, goes on to suggest key passages to insert into a speech the president was giving at the University of Cambridge, to defend the action.

Mr Blair is paid through his private consultancy, Tony Blair Associates (TBA), which he set up after leaving Downing Street in 2007. TBA is understood to deploy a number of consultants in key ministries in Kazakhstan.



Aug 29

Mind Control Scientists Turn Off Emotional Link to Memories

by Nicholas West | Activist Post

indexIt is becoming increasingly clear that advancements in genetics and neuroscience are leading toward direct methods of mind control. An array of hi-tech methods have been announced – magnetic manipulation via “neural dust,”  high-powered lasers, and using light beamed from outside the skull. As a result, scientists are making bold claims that they can alter the brain even to the extent of turning off consciousness altogether.

But it is memory research that might be among the most troubling. As I’ve previously stated in other articles, our memories help us form our identity: who we are relative to where we have been. Positive or negative lessons from the past can be integrated into our present decisions, thus enabling us to form sound strategies and behaviors that can aid us in our quest for personal evolution. But what if we never knew what memories were real or false? What if our entire narrative was changed by having our life’s events restructured? Or what if there were memories that were traumatic enough to be buried as a mechanism of sanity preservation, only to be brought back to us in a lab?



Aug 29

Getting Inside the Mind of Mainstream Media

by Bernie Suarez, Guest | Waking Times
Art by Anthony Freda

Mainstream media’s lies, deceit, and propaganda are being dramatically exposed in real-time at an alarming rate. Anyone following alternative media knows what I’m talking about. Is it me or does it seem like the MH17 false flag happened years ago? We can see that false flags which are quickly exposed and blown wide open end up dropping to the bottom of mainstream media news.

We’re seeing the pattern over and over again, so isn’t it time we sharpen our skills and start predicting the mainstream media lies and propaganda before it happens? For those of us fully awakened, we have to be scratching our heads wondering, what else? What can we do to change and turbo-boost this information war for the better? What creative thing can we do to throw a monkey wrench into the globalist plans? Is it even possible? Let’s examine some ideas.

In all my writings I assert that we have an information and survival battle that is best described as ‘humanity versus the globalists’ or the ‘humanity versus the new world order’ (or other names such as the Illuminati or global elite). We can also call it humanity against the control system. Call it what you want, but understand that if you are not part of the control system, you are part of humanity.



Aug 29

Sensing Sacred Objects

By Dee Joy Coulter

indexThe following is excerpted from Original Mind: Uncovering Your Natural Brilliance, published by Sounds True.

“When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real. . . . It doesn’t happen all at once,” said the Skin Horse. “You become. It takes a long time.” –Margery Williams Bianco, The Velveteen Rabbit.

How does an object become sacred? The Skin Horse is correct; time and love can do it, and children are especially gifted at infusing their most cherished objects with sacredness in this way. Every parent who tires of searching when such an object gets lost and tries to give up by saying, “It’s OK. We’ll buy you a new one,” quickly discovers what a profoundly unacceptable idea that is. Reluctantly, most of them join the community of parents the world over who are forced to cultivate the strangely intuitive ability to find lost objects!

We never really outgrow our attachment to sacred objects. They become the things we would grab first if we were forced to evacuate our homes. Invariably there are the photographs, since our weak reproductive memories need help remembering our lives and our ancestors. Next might be some important papers, but if there is time, our heirlooms will also be saved.



Aug 29

Federal Cybersecurity Director Found Guilty on Child Porn Charges

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services building is shown August 16, 2006 in Washington, DC. Mark Wilson / Getty

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services building is shown August 16, 2006 in Washington, DC. Mark Wilson / Getty

As the acting cybersecurity chief of a federal agency, Timothy DeFoggi should have been well versed in the digital footprints users leave behind online when they visit web sites and download images.

But DeFoggi—convicted today in Nebraska on three child porn charges including conspiracy to solicit and distribute child porn—must have believed his use of the Tor anonymizing network shielded him from federal investigators.

He’s the sixth suspect to make this mistake in Operation Torpedo, an FBI operation that targeted three Tor-based child porn sites and that used controversial methods to unmask anonymized users.



Aug 29

Our Secret Space Civilisation

A Breakaway Civilization: What It Is, and What It Means for Us

imagesindexA Special Analysis By Richard M. Dolan

Our Classified World

Since the time of Pericles, defenders of human freedom have promoted the virtues of open debate within society, and for the full freedom of citizens to investigate their government and world. Whether in a household, a classroom, or a nation, a free flow of critically examined and openly discussed ideas gives us our best chance for intellectual growth and personal achievement.

imagesThe legendary physicist, Robert J. Oppenheimer, put the matter succinctly. “There must be no barriers for freedom of inquiry,” wrote the man who led the Manhattan Project. “There is no place for dogma in science. The scientist is free, and must be free to ask any question, to doubt any assertion, to seek for any evidence, to correct any errors.”

Oppenheimer, a man of conscience and intellect who straddled the worlds of free inquiry and national security, was in a good position to understand the deep meaning of his words.

And yet, despite the wonders of the Web, our world is not one in which free inquiry is the rule. It is a world in which our reality is polished and tinted on a daily basis by global power interests, and in which much of what really goes on is classified.



Aug 29

Ancient Secrets Of The Nine Unknown Men – Guardians Of Forbidden Knowledge Hidden From Humanity

by Ellen Lloyd |

nineunknownmenTheir duty was to preserve secret knowledge and technology handed down from ancient times, and to pursue wisdom that would benefit mankind.

They had the power to control the destiny of the human race. Each of them was in possession of a special book…

The Nine Unknown Men are one of the world’s most powerful secret societies.

Join us on a long fascinating journey and unveil the secrets of the Nine Unknown Men…

The story of the Nine Unknown Men goes back to the time of the Emperor Asoka, who reigned in India from 273 B.C. Emperor Asoka was a remarkable individual. In his book “Outline of World History,” H.G. Wells wrote:

“Among the tens of thousands of names of monarchs accumulated of the files of history, the name Asoka shines almost alone, like a star.”



Aug 29

The Earth Uplift Legend

by Chautauqua | Augureye Express

1z- Earth Uplift MissionSo here we all are, witness and perhaps even midwife to this new born age of Aquarius arising from the greed & decay of the dying Piscean paradigm.  Halcyon days to be sure; in fact with everything currently boiling over in so many places… things are right now at about the same fever pitch as the 1960′s; and the great awakening is adding millions of souls to the spiritual path.  Increasingly we are feeling more like lobsters in the pot every day as chaos rampages unopposed across planet earth; and collectively we wonder is this all there is?…or does something stir un-noticed in the background as we struggle to keep our wits?  Is all this evil truly unopposed?  Things aren’t always as they seem!

There’s a reason we’re called seekers.

The spiritual path is a funny thing, it isn’t the same for everyone in some ways, and yet in other ways it is.  For instance there are a great number of different things that may activate a spiritual awakening in a person, and indeed many ways to walk that path once we have our bearings; but the process of getting our bearings is somewhat universal.  We ask similar questions and seek similar answers in our effort to regain both balance and perspective, and it ain’t easy – if it was everyone would be doing it.

This modern age of wireless internet is like a double edged sword for the recently awakened initiate seeking answers and truth.  On the one hand you have access to virtually all information in human knowledge at your fingertips; which those of us who’ve been doing this awhile really envy.  On the other hand there is such a huge amount of information available that some folks are drowning in it.  There is a lot to take in.



Aug 28

Intention and the Rite of Disengagement

by Zen Gardner

What we participate in is pretty much the name of the game. What do we spend our time, energy and intention on? What are we consciously and/or subconsciously empowering that’s leading to our own dis-empowerment? Where attention and thus intention goes, energy flows. Where is ours going, collectively and individually? Something to seriously consider on a continual basis in this massively manipulated energetic world.

I’ve been blown away recently by the rapid rise in consciousness we’re witnessing and it’s hitting me between the eyes. The awakening is clearly on and reverberating as new waves of energetic truth continue to pervade every area of society. I’m receiving so many amazing articles, interviews, emails and contributions from deeply inspired people to the extent that I’m almost bewildered. It’s just so wonderful! I love getting launched into new realms of discovery, freedom and empowerment – not just for me, but for our collective consciousness.

It all begins with each of us letting go into new awakenings in our lives which in turn affects the entire cosmic field and further illuminates and empowers the new realm we’re seeing birthed.

Realizing where our attention and intention go is of utmost importance. The last thing we want to do is reaffirm the intent of the controllers, yet we are prone to doing that in fixating on their nefarious machinations, even in our efforts to expose and stop this march against humanity. Far be it from the truth of our  overall intention, but we can unwittingly reinforce their ugly parasitic vibe and bring on their end result by helping to articulate and visualize it. Like the contained and manipulated legal and political realms, it’s again the push me, pull me futile game of the matrix. All an energetic scam.



Aug 28

Shock and Awe! Bill Hicks

YouTube Preview Image

Snordster w


Aug 28

IMF chief confirms she faces ‘negligence’ charges in multi-million euro fraud case

imagesIMF chief Christine Lagarde has confirmed that she is being investigated for alleged “negligence” in a corruption probe when she was French Finance Minister in 2008, she told AFP.

“The investigating commission of the Court of Justice of the French Republic has decided to place me under formal investigation,” Lagarde told AFP.

The announcement comes after French magistrates investigated her alleged role in a multi-million-euro corruption case.

“I have instructed my lawyer to appeal this decision, which I consider totally without merit,” she said.

Lagarde said she denied any allegations and told AFP that she would not resign over the charges.

“I return back to Washington, where I will indeed brief my board,” she told AFP.



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