Apr 19

An Introduction to Awakening

by Zen Gardner

The waking up process is a very personal experience. Once we become aware of the existence of a fabricated world we thought to be real and that our true nature is anything but what we’ve been told, there’s no turning back.

It may appear to be a lonely path, but we are by no means alone in this awakening. It is happening in all walks of life. Whether a banker or corporate employee wakes up to the scam being perpetrated on humanity and pulls out of the matrix, or a normal taxpaying worker realizes they’re contributing to a military industrial machine hell bent on control and world domination, we’re all the same.

And those are just surface issues compared to the deliberate suppression of man’s innate spiritual nature, whether we call it social liberty or the freedom to create and manifest as we truly are.

Triggers for Awakening

There are many such triggers that wake people up. Once someone realizes how the world was scammed on 9/11 and that the powers that be are willing to perpetrate such atrocities to promote their agenda, the digging begins. When we realize we’re at the complete mercy of parasitic central bankers more than willing to not only implode the world’s economy, but finance both sides of any conflict for personal gain and control and that our governments are complicit in this scheme, we start to grasp the enormity of what befalls us.

That we have rapidly evolved into an advanced militarized surveillance police state is driving many to ask some hard questions – and the answers can be startling and difficult to swallow, especially when you realize they have cut off all avenues of recourse.



Apr 19

HPV Vaccines: Unnecessary and Lethal

by Gary Null, PhD

Every parent desires only the best for their children, which is why most parents insist that their children, primarily girls but now also boys, receive the three-shot series of HPV vaccines. Parents do this because there is the unchallenged assumptions that vaccine public mandates and physician recommendations are founded upon sound scientific and medical principles of safety and efficacy. This is not only true for the HPV vaccines—Merck’s Gardasil and Glaxo’s Cervarix—but for all childhood vaccines. Unfortunately, there has been very little effective popular opposition to the vaccination regime except by those parents who have witnessed these vaccines’ devastation upon their children’s developing brains and immune systems. The rate of autism in the US has now risen to 1 in 68. Yet at the same time parents are repeatedly told it is not the vaccines; the industrial food industry repeatedly tells us it is not the GMOs and toxic pesticides such as glyphosate; and the fossil fuel multinationals repeatedly tell us it is not the heavy metals spewing into the atmosphere from their plants.  Rather we are consistently told that the medical profession doesn’t harm children. Vaccines save lives. Fortunately more and more people are awakening to these lies. Although there are a growing number of parents fighting the medical establishment, in some cases even winning, they nevertheless have to live with an injured child or teenager, frequently for the remainder of their child’s life. The very federal agencies that support an ever-increasing vaccination schedule—the CDC, HHS, FDA and Surgeon General—and the entire private medical establishment and physicians are complicit in a mutual denial that vaccine scientific review and regulation require a vast systemic overhaul before any vaccine should be pronounced safe and effective before entering the market.



Apr 19

BRICS countries to set up their own IMF

Very soon, the IMF will cease to be the world’s only organization capable of rendering international financial assistance. The BRICS countries are setting up alternative institutions, including a currency reserve pool and a development bank.

The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have made significant progress in setting up structures that would serve as an alternative to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which are dominated by the U.S. and the EU. A currency reserve pool, as a replacement for the IMF, and a BRICS development bank, as a replacement for the World Bank, will begin operating as soon as in 2015, Russian Ambassador at Large Vadim Lukov has said.

Brazil has already drafted a charter for the BRICS Development Bank, while Russia is drawing up intergovernmental agreements on setting the bank up, he added.



Apr 19

not for the timid – war criminality rarely is

Apr 18

EASTER – Bill Hicks


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Apr 18

The Mysterious Healing Vortex Of Easter

Author: Soren Dreier


At Easter the collective field gets very dense. A collective sadness manifests and it surrounds the planet like a grey mist. It’s due to the collective grief introduced by Christianity as billions of believers moan the betrayal and torture of Christ.

When billions of people do that in sync, it has an effect.

At Christmas it’s the opposite. It’s a collective joy manifested by the same spirituality. In its purest form, it has nothing to do with the Matrix-revenue Christmas hype, but they feel a joy in the heart.

It can impact your mood so you might pick up the Easter blues without knowing it. Sensitive people can feel it and find themselves in a sort of Melancholy, Anger or detached mode. It´s actually not them manifesting these emotions but they blend and merge in the loop we are plugged into between the ether,unified field and our consciousness.

A good way to distance yourself and detach from the collective vibe is to actually just know that it’s there, and not you suddenly getting weary without any explanation or course as a reference to your life. We´re so much more sensitive, in a good way, to the collective and sometimes we are sensitive in an ‘oversensitive’ manner, which means that the nervous system needs to ‘time out’.



Apr 18

Kevin Annett Interview with Alexandra Meadors

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Kevin Annett.com….


Apr 18

Chocolate and Child Slavery: Say No To Human Trafficking This Easter

This image is published with permission courtesy of photographer Henrik Ipsen and the film The Dark Side of Chocolate
By Amanda Gregory

The prevalence of human trafficking, child slavery, and abusive labor practices in the cacao industry is surprisingly under-reported. With the average U.S. citizen eating over 11 pounds of chocolate (that’s about 120 chocolate bars), per year, it is incredible to consider how few of us are aware of the atrocities involved in 70 percent or more of the world’s cacao production.

Related video clips:

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As a devoted chocolate lover, I was shocked and horrified to discover that many of my favorite seasonal treats — treats that bring so much joy to children here in the U.S. — are produced using abusive child labor. Major, trusted chocolate brands are often guilty of including cacao harvested by children and slaves in their supply chains.



Apr 18

HPV Vaccine Insert Lists Death as Adverse Event

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Apr 18

Health Benefits of Nettles and Nettle Tea

Nettle herb is one of the most powerful and useful herbs.

Besides being packed with iron, nettles are a good source of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin C, pro-vitamin A, chlorophyll, flavonoids, sterol and triterpen.

If people realized how useful and healing it was, they would certainly plant and pick more nettles! All parts of the plant – stem, leaf, root and flower have medicinal properties. -Nettle herb is best for cleaning and improving the blood. Nettles can help increase pancreas health and help lowers blood sugar. Nettles also treat inflammation of the urinary tract and stimulate the intestines. It’s also great for skin and can kill acne.

Nettle Tea:
Is used in treating diseases of the liver and gall bladder, helps with sleep disorders, cancer in the spleen, stomach cramps, ulcers and diseases of the lungs. Has amazing power against bacterial infections and is a good diuretic. If you feel tired, often your body needs iron. Nettle tea contains a lot of iron and is recommended for people who have anaemia to increase the number of red blood cells in the blood. After regular consumption of nettles or nettle tea the difference in your health could be huge. You will feel full of energy, fresh and healthy.



Apr 18

Phone Booth Wiretapping Street Art in England

One moment, this plain white wall was blank. The next, it was covered with the stylings of what many are claiming to be the most recent work of British street artist Banksy. The piece quickly emerged overnight along a wall located on Hewlett Road in the Cheltenham borough of Gloucestershire, also notably, a town that is home to the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

Although the work hasn’t officially been confirmed on Banksy’s website, the piece—with his typical stenciled style and stirring up a public awareness of a worldwide issue—is being credited to the ever-elusive artist. The stencil features three secret agents spying on a worn down photo booth. It’s an interesting juxtaposition between an old, outdated phone system being monitored by more modern recording technology. Since everyone has a cell phone these days, it’s rare to see someone using a fixed landline. However, the piece is being attributed to the ongoing international concerns about information security.

The home owner, Karren Smith, said she saw men packing up a white tarp near her home in the very early morning hours, but had no idea what was going on. “They were taking [the tarp] down and putting it into the back of the van,” explains Smith. “I thought it might be something to do with the police, like when a crime happens. I saw these people looking and then saw the graffiti. It’s pretty good. It livens up the street.”



Apr 18

Second earthquake in 24 hours hits UK: Experts warn of a hidden fault line – and say there could be bigger tremors in the future

An earthquake has struck the Rutland area of the East Midlands again, just 24 hours after a similar tremor shook houses in the area for ten seconds.

Initial data released by the British Geological Survey (BGS) said the latest 3.5-magnitude quake, the biggest in the region since October 2001, struck the Oakham area at around 7:50 am today.

Yesterday’s 3.2-magnitude quake occurred at 7:07am and reportedly shook houses.

The UK is not itself generally associated with earthquakes. However, according to the BGS, 20 to 30 tremors are felt every year, while a few smaller ones are tracked by sensitive instruments.

While most are small and cause no damage, there is the potential for larger ones in future.


Steve says:

Hidden fault line – what bollocks…. Fracking = earthquakes, on purpose of course which is the real purpose of fracking… to mitigate the expanding earth.


Apr 18

Plant Breeders Release First ‘Open Source Seeds’

Backers of the new Open Source Seed Initiative will pass out 29 new varieties of 14 different crops, including broccoli, carrots and kale, on Thursday.

A group of scientists and food activists is launching a Thursday to change the rules that govern seeds. They’re releasing 29 new varieties of crops under a new “open source pledge” that’s intended to safeguard the ability of farmers, gardeners and plant breeders to share those seeds freely.

It’s inspired by the example of open source software, which is freely available for anyone to use but cannot legally be converted into anyone’s proprietary product.

At an event on the campus of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, backers of the new Open Source Seed Initiative will pass out 29 new varieties of 14 different crops, including carrots, kale, broccoli and quinoa. Anyone receiving the seeds must pledge not to restrict their use by means of patents, licenses or any other kind of intellectual property. In fact, any future plant that’s derived from these open source seeds also has to remain freely available as well.



Apr 18

David Cameron Stung By Jellyfish, Twitter Reacts Gleefully

David Cameron has been stung by a jellyfish and, obviously, our brave nation has united in offering our sincere sympathies to the injured prime minister.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of thoughtful Britons have kindly volunteered to help out the Tory leader, volunteering their services for a well-know jellyfish “cure.”


Bill Bard says:

HA HA, a queue forming to piss on him. Fitting response.


Apr 18

Even the Government Recognizes Cancer-Prevention Properties of Garlic

by Elizabeth Renter

Garlic is one of the most potent food medicines we have. In addition to being an immune-boosting powerhouse, it’s been repeatedly shown to fight cancer. And this isn’t breaking news—it’s been healing for ages.

To say it’s rare for conventional medicine to embrace holistic or natural health practices is a serious understatement. It’s because of the conventional medical industry (including Big Pharma and the millions of doctors, clinics, hospitals, and government officials who support it) that these natural methods are referred to as alternative. So, when aspects of this industry admit that an otherwise “alternative” or holistic approach is effective, it’s definitely worth looking at.

Hippocrates recommended large doses of crushed garlic to his own patients to treat their cancer – one of many health benefits of garlic. The bulb has been held in high regard among indigenous people around the world even before Hippocrates was around to study medicine.

One of the most notable studies on the effects of garlic in cancer was undertaken by Chinese researchers working in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute. Involving 3,000 individuals for more than seven years, the study found cancer risk was reduced by 60% for people consuming the most allium-containing produce.



Apr 18

Watch this Video of Your Trendy, High Tech Future

by Melissa Melton | The Daily Sheeple

A future where everyone is walking around outfitted with the equivalent of Google Glass and other “immersive technologies” (as in, “blurring the line between physical reality and the digital/simulated world”).

A future where your trashcan is wired with sensors to “talk” to your refrigerator about what you just threw away (and therefore whoever is monitoring the data also knows what you threw away, how much you throw away, if what you had was legal to have by whatever ridiculous laws are in place at the time, and whether or not you could have/should have recycled it instead, so you will be fined appropriately).

A future where someone somewhere knows how much electricity, water and resources you are using (and therefore whether you will need to be limited or charged more in carbon taxes).

A future where every single last thing you buy — ever — will be kept on an interactive, “smart” record because cash will no longer exist.

A future that the video says, “will tell us what we need and when we need it”… Why will it do that? Because robots will be everywhere, they’ll be smarter than us, and we’ll be tracked and traced at our every single step. In fact, that song by the Police will become the new anthem of the human race. Sing along with me! “Every breath you take…every move you make…”

“It’s gonna be amazing,” the video promises.

There’s even a nice little police state reference in there about how “connected” cops will be…

YouTube Preview Image



Apr 18

President Barack Obama, America’s Pol Pot

by James Roger Brown for Veterans Today

Sociologist, Intelligence Collection and Analysis Methodologist

killing fields

His success was attributed to his ability to combine remarkable charm and grace with an unflinching ruthlessness.@ (BBC News, APol Pot, Life of a Tyrant,@ April 14, 2000)

President Barack Obama bragged to his aides that he’s ‘really good at killing people,’ according to explosive claims in a new book about the 2012 presidential campaign.@ (Mail Online, November 3, 2013.)

Depending upon the source, Saloth Sar was born in 1925 or 1928 to a farming family in Central Cambodia. He trained in a Buddhist monastery and also attended a Catholic School before obtaining a scholarship in 1949 to study radio electronics in Paris. In Paris he was attracted to the Communist movement and invested so much time he lost his scholarship.

In 1953 he returned to Phnom Penh and rose through the ranks of the Cambodian Communist underground using the name Pol Pot. In 1963 Pol Pot moved into the Cambodian jungle with his followers and began a guerrilla war which put him in control of country in 1975. Pol Pot began implementing his Communist goal of turning Cambodia into an agrarian utopia.



Apr 18

Effective Immediately: France Bans All GMO Cultivation

by Heather Callaghan | Activist Post

“I do not want”

The French National Assembly has made a sweeping declaration with a new bill, effective immediately. No more genetically modified crops.

On Tuesday, the French lower house of parliament adopted a law immediately banning cultivation of any GMO corn, due to environmental safety concerns.

Recently, they also made a halt decree to prohibit planting the only GM crop allowed in the EU – Monsanto’s MON810 corn, with built-in insect resistance.

Jean-Marie Le Guen, the minister in charge of relations with parliament, said:

It is essential today to renew a widely shared desire to maintain the French ban. This bill strengthens the decree passed last March by preventing the immediate cultivation of GMO and extending their reach to all transgenic maize varieties.

Farmers and seed companies are challenging the rule, as they have blocked similar decrees before, viewing safety concerns insufficient. But Le Guen bound the rule so that member state decisions could not be litigated against.



Apr 18

AV5 – The Alternative View Conference – 16th -18th May 2014

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Ian R Crane

AV5 – Humanity vs Insanity … Breaking out of the Control Grid … The Conference that WILL make a difference!


Apr 18

Multiple Scientists Confirm The Reality of Free Energy-Here’s The Proof


Who is benefiting from suppressing scientific research? Whose power and wealth is threatened by access to clean and free energy? Who has the desire to create a system where so few have so much, and so many have so little?

It’s become extremely obvious, especially within the past few years, that Earth’s dependence on fossil fuels is not needed at all. Yet we continue to create war, destroy the environment and harm mother Earth so we can continue using the same old techniques that generate trillions of dollars for those at the top of the energy industry. Corporate media continues to push the idea that we are in an energy crisis, that we are approaching a severe problem due to a lack of resources.  It’s funny how the same group of shareholders that own the energy industry also own corporate media. This seems to be both another fear tactic and another excuse to create conflict. How can there be a lack of resources when we have systems that can provide energy without any external input? This means that these systems could run for infinity and provide energy to the entire planet without burning fossil fuels. This would eliminate a large portion of the ‘bills’ you pay to live, and reduce the harmful effect we are having on Earth and her environment. Even if you don’t believe in the concept of free energy (also known as zero-point energy), we have multiple clean energy sources that render the entire energy industry obsolete. This article however will focus mainly on the concept of free energy which has been proven time and time again by researchers all across the world who have conducted several experiments and published their work multiple times. A portion of this vast amount of research will be presented in this paper.


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