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How Can You Escape from the Imprisonment of the Matrix?

earth_grid_ley_lines-e135432854171111by Frank M Wanderer

The virtual reality introduced in the Matrix films is generated by a computer, and the people live in this artificially created reality.

If you spend some time and pay attention to the reality of your everyday life, you will find a stunning discovery. Because our everyday reality shows a great deal of resemblance to movie’s virtual reality.

Our virtual reality may not be generated by a computer, but by our mind, our constantly flowing thoughts and emotions. And so we are living in the imprisonment of our thoughts and feelings’ matrix.

Let’s see what features this matrix has and how to get rid of them.

Our whole life is a rush

September-2015-Down-The-Rabbit-Hole-of-Our-Collective-Evolution--700x525We chase our desires and unfulfilled dreams. We are attracted by money, power, prestige, a wholesome, happy life. All this lies there hidden behind the powerful iron gate that is towering in front of us.

Spurred by our ambitions, we pursue various goals all through our lives. We aspire for something all the time, we always want to achieve something. This restless rush is instigated by our fear that we are still not what we want to be. We are never satisfied, we always want something else, we would like to be better, more beautiful, richer than we are at present.

That is how we pursue our goals until death, when we realize how meaningless the whole thing has been. But why are these goals meaningless, we begin to protest immediately. The protest is caused by the vary nature of the forms and shapes, as in their world every form and shape is subject to permanent change, birth and death. Whatever we attract to us, we are going to lose it, as everybody departs from this world empty-handed, all those who pursue their goals, live in the spell of past and future.

Seeking safety

We, however, wish to find the security of permanence in our life. We would like to find what is beyond the world of constant change. In order to do so, we become spiritual seekers.

As a first step of spiritual seeking we start to look for enlightenment, Self-recognition in the world of shapes and forms (that is, outside ourselves) in the hope of thus reaching the state of permanent happiness. We intend to find a dogma, a great Master, an elevating spiritual experience that expands our Consciousness. If it is not found here on Earth, we will be looking for it in the other world, in the heaven of a religion.

We use the mind as a mean of spiritual search. It is through the mind that the Ego intends to understand what is beyond mind and forms. The mind in this way prepares the mental image of enlightenment, seeking, happiness etc.

The mental images are born through the comprehensive process of the mind. For comprehension, we also require information, so we shall gather bits of information like a busy ant. From books on religion and spirituality, lectures heard and conversations attended, we are attempting to screen information, ideas, opinions and experience necessary for them. The same takes place with spiritual experience. We assume that if we gather a sufficient amount of experience, as a result we will reach a certain point, we will increase their spirituality.




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You Are Not Alone

Everything-is-connectedby Zen Gardner

Why a sense of isolation often engulfs and disempowers us is peculiar. We have mothers, fathers, friends, family and even new heartfelt alliances all around us yet we still feel this yearning.

Are we searching for a greater, more truly connected family?

I tend to think so. All evidence points to the fact that we are not who we have been told we are. We are each part of something so much greater and grander than we ever imagined.

And we search for that greater connectivity.

We’re Alive!

The link ups between all of us on planet earth are way more “spooky” and profound than we’ve been led to believe. We simply find each other as we continue our search. That’s how it works. Like the wondrous mycelium network crawling through the ground to hook up with itself, we organic, conscious beings sent to this planet are finding each other through a very wonderful, organic process.

We’re alive, we’re growing, and we’re even protected, buried as if in the heart of mother earth’s warm and succulent soil.

Totally contrary to the fear ridden narrative we’re being handed here on the surface, we are actually quite safe in the bosom of love itself. This is what you sense in your heart of hearts and can have complete confidence in.

That’s innate empowerment. And the place from which we should all operate.

Underlying and Overarching Love

This is the true nature of existence. The fear based projection we’re witnessing in today’s societal construct is an illusion. It appears real, but it’s not. It hits your screen and gets activated only if you buy into it. As the expression goes, fear is “false evidence appearing real.” We simply need to live outside of that false reality.




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The Sonic Heart Brain Resonance Pattern: Proof of Our Power to Create Peace

proofff-1074x483In this chaotic, cabal-driven world, what can we do to affect change? This is no prosaic question. It is not the hackneyed, predictable call of the flower child, or the exclusive right of the Harvard graduate in neuroscience. While the .01 percent will have us believe there is nothing we can do to make this world a better place, scientific evidence proves that peace is not only possible, but palpably, physically easy to manifest.

Itzhak Bentov was a Czech born (1923) scientist, inventor, and mystic. He started out by selling his devices to the medical industry, but later became fascinated with the body and the secrets held within it, which the medical paradigms of his time (and even now) are completely ignorant of. His creation of a cardiac catheter helped create the biomedical engineering industry, but this was a miniscule accomplishment compared to what he would eventually add to the understanding of consciousness and our power to create peace. He wrote about these ideas extensively in Stalking the Wild Pendulum, and it has been one of my favorite books, that I return to time and time again for inspiration and insight.

Bentov was so curious about how the brain worked, especially when he was meditating, that he attached electrodes to his own head that were connected to a function generator. He would ‘play’ with different brain waves, and observe his own state when they were created. In time, Bentov found a curious connection between how the brain and heart behaved when he focused on loving, kind thoughts toward himself, the planet, or a specific individual. He discovered that the body was an electromagnetic, acoustical instrument that could create peace at will. This was not a woo-woo scientific theory meant for the dustbin of history, but an idea which has been corroborated by the work of Joseph Chilton Pearce, of the Heart Math Institute and detailed in his book, “The Biology of Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit” which provides additional information on heart-brain coherence. Numerous others have since added to Bentov’s observations.

The heart is in fact its own ‘brain’ with an enormous electromagnetic field, consisting of a high percentage of neural cells, and which also produces hormones. This intelligent system is part of the heart’s method of transducing infinite non-physical light into electromagnetic fields, which are converted into electrochemical signals through the nerves and hormones.[1]





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Break The Vicious Cycle Of Worry And Calm Your Mind



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Making the shift from Duality to Polarity

life1-1024x650Knowledge attained can be valuable when taken from objective information  influenced by our personal judgment, however the deepest truths of our reality come not from this knowledge or the conditioning of society, teachers or preachers  but from personal experience and our own higher consciousness.  ~ S Griffin

blue-binary-code-jigsaw-puzzleAfter several years researching content within (GATV) it became evident that this massive subject matter was just a small piece to an infinitely larger picture. Due to the  indelible way they affect our lives it is vital to be aware of the subject matters in GATV. There exists however an all important ‘piece’ that elevates us to view & better comprehend our ‘reality’ ; consciousness and our understanding of it. Content within a second site is another part of this piece.

Despite being unclear as to the exact meaning of consciousness when researching, intuition dictated an inner message that the finite answers to the human experience would be found within its understanding.

3372464747_b4b9aac361_zSynchronicity plays a leading role in the development of our lives. As we align to universal energy, entering the flow, the answers we search for suddenly appear to materialise ‘out of the blue’, until we understand  they had been turning up all along but, like a defective radio, we had simply not been picking up their signals.

A personal moment of synchronicity came when a recognised EXPERT on consciousness gave a lecture literally on my doorstep, a film of which is included on this site. The theories were initially  difficult to grasp however instinctively I knew that I would. I eventually came to the realisation that we are not in fact human beings having spiritual experiences but spiritual beings having human experiences.




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Lucid Dreams: The WILD Technique for Induced Lucid Dreaming

sfhDfhdfThe Wake Induced Lucid Dream (aka WILD) is the most powerful lucid dreaming technique known to man for two reasons:

  1. It enables you to have conscious dreams whenever you want
  2. It produces the most vivid kind of lucid dreams possible

Also called the Mind Awake / Body Asleep technique and the Hypnagogic Imagery Technique, a WILD enables you to enter a lucid dream – directly from a waking state!

The WILD technique has been used for at least a thousand years by Tibetan Buddhist monks in Dream Yoga. Today, many people use it to have fantastic guided dreams.

In fact, quite a few children develop their own variations of this method instinctively – in order to program and control their dreams. That’s one reason why I believe everyone is capable of having WILDs any night they choose.

djsrtjsrtjA lucid dream involves having full conscious (waking) awareness inside the subconscious dreamworld. Dream control is a side effect!

The following Wake Induced Lucid Dream tutorial is aimed at beginners or people who have dabbled in lucid dreams before. It’s sectioned into four parts:

  1. Physical & Mental Relaxation
  2. Hypnagogic Imagery
  3. Creating a Dream Scene
  4. Entering The Lucid Dream

How To Have Wake Induced Lucid Dreams

The best time to initiate a WILD is after 4-5 hours of deep sleep, when your body is deeply relaxed and your REM (dream) cycles are at their longest. If you are a deep sleeper, set your alarm about two hours earlier than usual. If you are a light sleeper, simply practice when you naturally wake up in the night.

Alternatively you can practice if you are a little sleep deprived and feel the need to take an afternoon nap; your brain will be keen to catch up on the lost REM sleep.




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Consciousness versus computers

neural-network-consciousness-downloadingby Jon Rappoport

“Technocrats believe all brains can be directly hooked up to a super-computer. They’re looking at humans beings through the wrong end of the telescope. Everything they see about humans is reduced, shrunken, and ‘automatic’. Technocrats are trained to miss the big picture, even though they incessantly talk about it. They’re visionaries who are blind. Thus, they’re in the grand tradition of religious fanatics.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

If you take away a person’s ability to employ logic, and if you also take away his imagination, and thus his capacity to extrapolate and predict what is coming, what you are left with is: eyeballs.

Eyeball perception of what is happening now. And even then, eyeballs are seeing immediate reality through unconscious filters.

The ability to apply reason and to predict are vital components of perception. They are voluntary components. They don’t sweep in like a wave and take over. They are born out of freedom and choice.

So…what is the difference between you moving around on the Internet, reading and researching; versus you with your brain directly connected to some grand computer stacked with trillions of pieces of data?

In the former case, you have freedom. In the latter case, it all happens automatically. You get “the best possible data on any given subject.”

Of course, “best possible” is not your decision or conclusion. It’s someone else’s. Worse, the data are instantly downloaded into your brain (whatever that actually means).

How this deterministic system amounts to a glorious breakthrough of enormous spiritual significance, triggering revelations, is beyond mysterious. In fact, the whole conception is absurd.

If you were a robot operating on an assembly line, and your task could be automatically modulated and adjusted, depending on changing circumstances, then yes, that would be a nice innovation.

But you aren’t a robot. You’re conscious. You have choice. Freedom. You can apply logic. You can conceive of futures, based on your present knowledge.

Contrary to technocratic catechism, computers aren’t conscious. They don’t have freedom. They can be programmed to select conclusions relative to specified objectives and goals, but even then their methods of selection are part of their programming. They don’t suddenly wake up and become alive.

Technocrats tend to believe computers, when developed to a sufficient level of complexity that mirrors what the human brain does, DO come alive.




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Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus) — Healing The Spirit And Body

imagesSome viewers of the movie Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus may notice a suspiciously authentic-looking glint in actress Gaby Hoffmann’s eye during certain key scenes. This is no accident: while those scenes were being shot, Hoffmann, who portrayed the film’s namesake, was actually under the influence of tea made from the “magical cactus” to which the title refers: huachuma (Trichocereus pachanoi).

While the stereotypically spacey character of Crystal Fairy is no poster child for the huachuma community at large, the benefits that she reaps from this medicine in the film — improved communication and closeness with one’s peers, greater compassion for oneself and others, and the courage to address unresolved issues that are having a negative impact on one’s life — are commonly reported by real-life huachuma users.

Photo: Gaby Hoffmann as Crystal. Via: Still from the film Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus.

Better known as San Pedro cactus, huachuma is native to the Andes Mountains and can be found in Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia. Here in the United States, it is legal to cultivate the cactus for gardening and ornamental purposes, but the ingestion of the brew is prohibited.

The main active ingredient in huachuma is mescaline, the alkaloid also largely responsible for peyote’s psychoactive effects. However, since there are significant differences between the other psychoactive compounds found in huachuma and peyote, each of these two plants has its own distinct character. Huachuma is often described as the gentler of the two, yet its effects last slightly longer than those of peyote: about 12 to 14 hours, as opposed to peyote’s approximate 10 to 12 hours.

According to archaeological records, the ritual use of huachuma goes back at least 3,500 years. The earliest evidence of the ceremonial use of this medicine is a stone carving of a huachumero (male huachuma shaman) in Northern Peru’s Temple of Chavín de Huántar, a remnant of an ancient Andean civilization called Chavín.




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Trust Yourself ~ Terence Mckenna



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The Puzzle of Near-Death Experiences

ndeby Steve Taylor Ph.D

Just the Hallucinations of a Dying Brain or Something More Mysterious?

Several years ago, I worked with a college tutor called John, who had a heart transplant in 1992. During the operation, he was surprised to suddenly find himself awake and alert, looking down on his own body from above. He could see the surgeon and the nurses performing the procedure, and sensed from their behaviour that there was an emergency – he could see them rushing around, trying to take action to save his life. He was also surprised to find that he could hear classical music in the operating theatre. He felt himself floating further away from his body, into a darkness which felt strangely peaceful and welcoming. Then he encountered his father, who had died a few years earlier. His father seemed surprised to encounter him, and told him, “You shouldn’t be here – it’s not your time yet.” Then John felt himself moving back down towards his body, and lost awareness again. The next thing he knew, he was awake in recovery. Shortly afterwards, he asked the surgeon, “How come you were playing classical music in the operating theatre?” The surgeon was amazed that he knew this, since he had been unconscious when they turned the music on.

Just a month or so ago, the results of an international study (led by Dr. Sam Parnia at the State University of New York) of more than 2000 cardiac arrest patients were published. This found that 40% reported some form of awareness during the time when they were clinically dead, when their hearts had stopped beating and their brains had shut down (1). But how can we be sure that the awareness they reported actually stemmed from the period when they were “dead”? you might ask. Perhaps it was just a kind of hallucination which actually took place just before their brains shut down, or just when they were becoming active again.

However, as was the case with my colleague John, some patients reported a sensation of leaving their bodies and observing their own operations from above. They were able to describe actual events during the procedure – such as the actions of the nurses, or the instruments used by their surgeons, and the sounds of machines – which were later verified. (One man accurately described the appearance of the doctors who attended to him, and also the automated external defibrillator that restarted his heart).

Explaining NDEs

Of course, there have been many other studies of NDEs, with similar findings. Researchers have found that there is a “core” near-death experience which is had by the majority of those who experience a continuation of consciousness. It begins with a feeling of separation from the body (out of body experience), followed by a journey through a dark passage towards a place of light. There is a feeling of serenity and intense well-being, a sense of calmness and wholeness, which is often so pleasant that some people are reluctant to return to their bodies, and even feel disappointed when they regain consciousness. Often people meet deceased relatives or beings of light, and in a smaller proportion of cases, there is a “life-review”, in which the significant events of a person’s life are replayed.




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The Universe Talks in Frequency, Not Words

galaxy-779335_1280An affirmation is a carefully formatted statement that should be repeated to one’s self and written down frequently. For an affirmation to be effective, it needs to be present tense, positive, personal and specific.

What you focus on, you attract more of. The energetic vibration you send out, attracts experiences of a similar vibration. All matter and everything in the universe can be viewed as waves, as frequencies, as energy. This is the basis of the law of attraction, which seems to be gaining attention.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Everything is energy. Everything has a frequency, a wavelength and a mass. This is thoroughly explained by physics, but I am not going geek mode now. Sorry.

One reason thoughts manifest in your life, that is explained by science.

To make use of the law of attraction, one does not need science to explain the whole structure of how and why it works. And it can’t. At least not yet. You may already have seen how you attract certain experiences and things into your life, if not, maybe you will, if it is relevant for you. When you are looking for something in particular, and perhaps even expecting it, your mind will find connections and ways to confirm your beliefs and expectations. This is called confirmation bias, and can also be viewed as part of the law of attraction.

nikola-tesla1Super genius Nikola Tesla

Mind Your Vibration

Be aware of what you are sending out. The universe does not know words, it knows energy and vibration. If you have for instance some minor cough and you believe you may be about to get sick, perhaps you think or say to yourself “I am not sick, I am not going to get sick, I am not getting sick”. Then you send out a vibration of sickness and chances are you will get sick. The universe see that you are focusing on the energy of sickness. What you focus on, you will attract. If you are thinking and believing “I am healthy and well” you are more likely to stay healthy and well. You are emitting an energy of health and wellness. However, if you do not actually believe that you can avoid getting sick, because the symptoms you experience have led to sickness in the past, such an affirmation will not work.




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85% Chance YOU Are Traveling Out-Of-Body

dhshasdfby Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler,

Are you interested in ESP, spiritual or metaphysical insights, enlightenment, healing, contact with a higher level of intelligence, or simply a new experience? Then you’re likely to find the contents of this brief article very interesting.

The concepts of “astral projection,” “soul travel” and “spirit walking” date way back to very ancient times. Anthropologists feel 95% of cultures worldwide believe in some form of out-of-body experience, perhaps making it a universal phenomenon.

Although mainstream science often dismisses such experiences as impossible according to the laws of physics, many studies estimate 14% to 20% of us have experienced a conscious OBE at least once in our lifetime. Some researchers believe lucid dreams are a form of OBE, and others insist that we have an OBE every night.

Many believe Edgar Cayce entered into an out-of-body (OBE) state to obtain his healing insights.The famous inventor Thomas Edison used such a “mind awake-body asleep” state of consciousness to work on his many inventions. Edison would place a silver dollar on his head and sit in a chair with a metal bucket in his lap. If he drifted into sleep, the coin would fall into the bucket and restore his alertness.

Albert Einstein would enter into a hypnagogic state by sitting in a chair with his arms suspended over the side while holding a small smooth stone in each hand. If he fell to sleep he would drop the stones, waking himself. Artist Salvador Dali was said to use a similar method to gain the odd visions that inspired his paintings.

WHY would YOU want to have such an experience? Actually there’s is a very high probability you already have! Ever have the sensation of suddenly “falling” while asleep? This could have been a re-entry into your body following an involuntary OBE.




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The Modern Shaman: Fierce Love at the Frontier of Madness

The-Modern-Shaman-3By Jack Adam Weber | Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Shamans and Revolutionaries don’t preach to the choir, where confirmation bias is high. They go where they are unpopular, to reach those not far from the next step into sanity.

But such sanity doesn’t feel like sanity at first. This is called a healing crisis. Healing crises get worse before they get better, but the result is deeper integration, wisdom, and wellness. But because healing crises are not pretty or tidy or conducive to business as usual, they are not so popular and thereby often thought worthless or irrelevant.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Our world is in a disease crisis precisely because we have failed to heed the shaman’s message, spoken through many great courage voices—the voices urging us into healing crises to prevent unrelenting illness. Because we have collectively denied our transformations—which necessarily entails embracing the dark—we have created a strange, ironic, and paradoxical disease state on the planet. But not a surprising one.

This absurd paradox is that the dark we have denied inside ourselves is descending upon us outwardly, in the form of all the atrocities we see: from toxic agriculture to pervasive political corruption, to recent assassinations of women activists in Mexico and Latin America, fundamentalist terrorist groups such as ISIS, and the ravages of climate change chaos.

Our modern-day malady follows Yin-Yang wisdom: when inner (Yin) is diseased, it manifests outwardly (Yang), and vice versa. To reverse what is still reversible, we have to become the shamans that embrace Yin-Yang wisdom as the transformation of one polarity into the other. While light-workers are many, we now have to take our light and tend to the darkness with firm action and hands-on change.

Shamans rely on darkness, because all injury and disease pertain to the dark half of Yin-Yang. But this darkness is not evil or to be avoided, as the propaganda about witches, hell, and paganism have tried to convince us. This is the terrain for transformation. The shaman, the healer, illuminates the darkness that others don’t, can’t, or won’t see. All who deny the pain of the Earth and humanity today are such liars. When the shaman notices and embodies the dark, she makes it fertile, transformable, so dark can become light, which is the mark of true healing and sustainability. When darkness is denied it never gets to see the daylight of healing.




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Microscopic Image Reveals Fibonacci Pattern in Water

via Waking Times

Image – This striking picture of drying droplets shows a clear Fibonacci pattern in water. It was taken by Devin Brown, a research engineer at Georgia Tech’s Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology, and won the grand prize in the 2013 Electron, Ion and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication micrograph contest.

drip-drySource: Devin Brown/Georgia Tech Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology



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Experiencing Oneness In Division

oneness-one-consciousness-790x381By Arno Pienaar

Experiencing Oneness in Division is returning to the source and beyond the incepted big bang, which cannot be explained. Oneness will over-write the matrix.

Oneness is a hot concept in the new age communities; many refer to a common source from which all originates.

According to modern science, the so called Big Bang occurred from the explosion of one incredibly dense particle that expanded into infinity, creating the universe and everything in it in the process.

Due to everything starting off together as one, it is said that we are still all actually connected to one another, although separated in physicality.

Quantum Physics has proven already through experiments that every particle in the universe is connected to all other particles.

Quantum Physicists have proven that one change in a split atom affects the other half in the same manner, independent of time and space.

This experiment lends testament to the illusion of time and space. It also lends truth to the inherent oneness in everything, as all atoms that were split from one, will always be one.

Humans tend to abolish this theory with the mind, as we have one pool of awakened individuals and another that is mainly asleep.

At a closer glance we find that the consciousness of all is the same. The apparent awakened individuals have merely gained extra knowledge with the mind pertaining to the reality of Earth and are still in the same mind-boat as the rest.

Information does not serve consciousness as consciousness was and is awake forever. Labelling yourself as something such as “awake” is only a product of the ego that exists because of the physical separation. The ego will immediately find conflict with an opposite pole, such as “all those ignorant masses that are asleep.”

There is never any resolution within acquired knowledge, because the soon it is acquired the ego lays claim to it and manipulates it for its own benefit. Nothing can make consciousness more or less, as it is absolute.

100th Monkey Effect

There is also a large body of scientists and spiritualists that believe in the 100th monkey effect, which is a popular theory of evolution. This theory describes how a species evolve together instantaneously after a certain amount of organisms within the specie group makes a beneficial change.




Sep 02

“Trudell” [Documentary]

Trudellvia The Arcane Front

“Trudell” follows the extraordinary life of Santee Sioux poet and activist John Trudell, from his impoverished childhood in Omaha to his leadership in the American Indian Movement (AIM) and his reincarnation as an acclaimed musician and spoken word poet. Using decades-old 16 mm and Super 8 film and video footage as a backdrop, filmmaker Heather Rae paints an intimate portrait of a man whose spirit and words have awakened the American Indian consciousness…

“We really need to put serious thought into understanding that we are dealing with a disease. It’s like there’s this predator energy on this this planet, and this predator energy feeds upon the essence of the spirit, feeds upon the essence of the human being, the spirit. This predator energy can take fossil fuel and other resources out of the Earth, turn it into fuel, to run a machine system. But in order for there to be a need for that system, and in order for that system to work, they have to mine our minds to get at the essence of our spirit.” —John Trudell



Sep 02

Synchronicity and the Story of our Lives

syncrho-700x473by Gary S. Bobroff

What if I told you that something is pulling us toward a more meaningful future? What if I told you that what’s driving us isn’t our past wounds or our family history but something that wants us to become all that we can be? Bigger still, what if I told you that your ego’s story about who you are, should be or should’ve been, is also not what’s driving you? 

The Psyche Is Present and Future-Oriented 

When we watch our dreams closely over a long period of time, we see in the patterns a larger evolution unfolding. As we integrate something the dream world has been trying to tell us (either consciously or unconsciously), time and again, we see a corresponding evolution in the next phase of dreams. Internal evolution into greater forms is what Nature does with us through dreams; we are always being pulled toward a future that’s bigger than we could ever imagine for ourselves. The future wants to make us more whole, to flesh us out on the inside, to bring more of our character to life in the world.

Carl Jung “Cosmic”

Carl Jung “Cosmic”

The recognition of this force in us is part of what makes the psychology of Carl Jung different from most other schools. Nearly every other method focuses primarily on listening to the concerns of the ego or the past: only Jung’s approach points us toward an unfolding future goal within us. When we feel connected to the stages of growth in the greater story that’s unfolding, we experience our life as meaningful.

Perhaps the most astonishing way in which this unfolding can come into our lives is through experiences of synchronicity: where events conspire to mirror inner images and meaning breaks through into the outer world.  When this happens, the calling remains the same: to re-examine our attitude to the world in the present; how are you being called to bring more of who you are into the world?

“. . . it is addressing life in the present that cleanses and heals a festering wound.  Jung never tired of saying this.  After the past is explored, additional inquiry into yesterday does not lead to further healing.  A change of attitude into the present does, and this change of attitude is exactly the business of a synchronicity.”

– J. Gary Sparks, At The Heart of Matter

Don’t Let Ego Get In The Way

One of the ways that we most commonly miss connecting this process is through the ego. Simply by insisting that our own story is the only true one, we can repeatedly avoid seeing the evidence to the contrary. The ego wants to maintain its view of the world and hold onto its comfortable attitudes, and in doing so it blocks us from changing our attitude about the world and we remain stuck. The biblical story of Moses and the Pharaoh exemplifies such rigid ego insistence. Without connection to Nature’s deeper voice in us, we grow too big for our britches. “Without that communication, the ego tries to set up its own kingdom.” – Marion Woodman




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The ‘Field of Elixir’ Is More Important to Spirituality Than the Pineal Gland

by Dylan Charles, Editor | Waking Times

Energy-Secrets-Super-Human-Chi-221x300It is commonly held that the pineal gland is the ‘seat of the soul,’ a meta-physical portal of sorts that is believed to play an important role in conscious awareness and spiritual experience. Certain practices and supplements may assist in improving the function of the pineal gland, however, by training the more fundamental energy centers of the body, the Dan Tien, one can more quickly achieve heightened spiritual awareness, and over time a much more powerful and deeper sense of intuition and connectedness than by concentrating on the pineal gland alone.

This is the secret that the great masters of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong have known for centuries. This is the key to elevated consciousness, to super-human strength, to unbending will-power and extreme longevity.

At its core, all matter is made up of energy in motion, the human body being no different. We are energetic beings, sensitive to the currents around us, with the capacity to expend energy and to draw energy from nature, from other beings, and from food and air.

People can give off positive, confident ‘vibes,’ and at other times radiate negative energy, both of which can be contagious, affecting the mood and energy level of others. Some people just seem more magnetic, alive, aware and more radiant than others do, for example, Bruce Lee. Practices of cultivating Dan Tien can develop one’s ability to gather, build, store, and more effectively use personal energy, or Qi, transforming themselves into the kind of person with abundant and infectious positive Qi. The elixir of life.

Dan Tien – Literally, “Field of Elixir.” Locations in the body which are able to store and generate Qi (elixir) in the body. The Upper, Middle and Lower Dan Tien are located, respectively, between the eyebrows, at the solar plexus, and a few inches below the navel. [Dr. Yang, The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets of Health, Longevity, & Enlightenment]

Lower Dan Tien is the base foundation of the body’s energy structure, acting as the root, or grounding center, as well as being the physical center of the human body. When attention is focused here, it is easy to recognize a concentration of energy. Practices for building and refining the energy of Lower Dan Tien may include physical exercises, guided meditations, breathing exercises, and visualizations, as well as more extreme practices.




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The Morph Went Blue

sdmorphAuthor: Soren Dreier

I have mentioned the azure blue color of the Morph.

When going into the Morph this weekend I noticed a new dark dazzling blue I haven’t seen before in the Morph. I asked around and some of the people I guided through meditation had also noticed it. The Ruby red, transcended into blue while they were meditating.

Usually one can get things, feelings, sensations out of the Morph and into the ‘Daily Life’ – people experience getting small gifts, tokens, not physically but more in the etheric.
It´s a joy to behold when someone experiences that. I have a friend who met a beautiful panther in the Morph. It came with him as a protective spirit and sometimes he even growls unwillingly. It’s the panther, not in him – but with him.

He was going through a difficult time and needed strength, so it makes sense.

He couldn’t see it himself with his normal 3D vision – but he felt it.

Others get symbols, or small figures. It’s all-good.

It’s also a bit tricky since the Morph is not a distant thing; it’s a field all around us, so one could argue that these experiences are there anyhow.

The Morph is in the Void and the Void is like an onion, it has layers upon layers of hidden reality and the Morph itself is just a layer or a realm in the Void.

We are actually very lucky to be able to know beyond a shadow of a doubt through the insight of quantum physics that we are the Void, since we, like any other matter, are made of 99.999 percent Void. We are, in ‘known’ history, the first generations that are able to see for ourselves what was formerly hidden knowledge in the minds and hearts of Yogis. And that is not trademarked to the eastern philosophies or religions; it also was an experienced metaphysical reality in Christian esoterics.

The God Force is the Void. It penetrates everything and once we experience that, we will know that ‘Death’ is impossible, since we are the Void and the Void is eternal.

We can’t have a Void that vanishes or ceases to exist since a ‘new’ Void would replace it. A cosmos or a universe without a void is quite impossible to imagine and diving into that argument of a Void-less cosmos. It contradicts everything we know of.

When I discuss this at seminars some people would go: “You should go Ayahuasca on this and you will see…”

No need to. Since it’s all about understanding the Void as layers in an onion or differences in mystical frequencies, still the same ‘Building’ but different floors.




Sep 01





Sep 01

Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light

Higher-Consciousnessby Sayer Ji

Increasingly science agrees with the poetry of direct human experience:  we are more than the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies, but beings of light as well. Biophotons are emitted by the human body, can be released through mental intention, and may modulate fundamental processes within cell-to-cell communication and DNA.

Nothing is more amazing than the highly improbable fact that we exist. We often ignore this fact, oblivious to the reality that instead of something there could be nothing at all, i.e. why is there a universe (poignantly aware of itself through us) and not some void completely unconscious of itself?

Consider that from light, air, water, basic minerals within the crust of the earth, and the at least 3 billion year old information contained within the nucleus of one diploid zygote cell, the human body is formed, and within that body a soul capable of at least trying to comprehend its bodily and spiritual origins.

Given the sheer insanity of our existential condition, and bodily incarnation as a whole, and considering that our earthly existence is partially formed from sunlight and requires the continual consumption of condensed sunlight in the form of food, it may not sound so farfetched that our body emits light.

Indeed, the human body emits biophotons, also known as ultraweak photon emissions (UPE), with a visibility 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eye. While not visible to us, these particles of light (or waves, depending on how you are measuring them) are part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum (380-780 nm) and are detectable via sophisticated modern instrumentation.[1],[2]




Sep 01

Life Energy and Spiritual Experience

frequencyby Steve Taylor.

One possible solution to the problem of relating consciousness purely to neurological processes – the intractability of what has been called the hard problem – is to suggest that consciousness may not necessarily come from the brain but through it.

The philosopher David Chalmers (1995) has suggested that experience is a fundamental property of the world, while Robert Forman (1995) hass suggested that consciousness is a universal force which is canalised by the human brain into our individual consciousness. The function of the complex neurological circuitry of the brain is not to produce consciousness, but to receive and transmit it. The brain as antenna-receiver for mind hypothesis suggested by Watson, Schwartz and Russek (2004) suggests a similar view.

One piece of evidence for this view is the ubiquity of concepts of an all-pervading universal force amongst almost all – if not actually all – of the world’s tribal or indigenous peoples. I have been collecting examples of these from my readings of anthropological and religious texts for years, and have lost count of the number I have. To give just a few examples, in America, the Hopi Indians called it maasauu, the Pawnee called it tirawa, and the Lakota called it wakan-tanka (literally, the force which moves all things ). The Ainu of Japan called it ramut (translated by the anthropologist Monro [in Smart, 1971] as spirit-energy ), while in parts of New Guinea it was called imunu (translated by early anthropologist J.H. Holmes [in Levy-Bruhl, 1965] as universal soul ). In Africa the Nuer call it kwoth and the Mbuti call it pepo. Holmes description of imunu is a good general summary of all of these concepts:

[Imunu] was associated with everything, nothing arrived apart from it…Nothing animate or inanimate could exist apart from it. It was the soul of things…It was intangible, but like air, wind, it could manifest its presence. It permeated everything that made up life to the people of the Purari Delta…[It was] that which enables everything to exist as we know it, and distinct from other things which, too, exist by it (in Levy-Bruhl, 1965, p.17.)

In each case, these concepts refer to an impersonal force which is pervades all space and all objects and beings. This suggests that these peoples had a direct awareness of consciousness as a fundamental universal force. There is also often a recognition that – as with the canalisation hypothesis – the universal spirit-force forms the essence of our own being. For example, the Ufaina Indians of the Amazon believe that when a person is born, a small amount of fufuka (their term for universal spirit) enters her. She, and her tribal group, borrow it from the total stock of Spirit. While she lives, therefore, this spirit-force is always the essence of her being, and at death it is released and returns to its source. (Hildebrand, 1988).




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