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Evolution Begins at Home: 4 Ways to Apply the Alchemy of Self-Overcoming

by Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff Writer | Waking Times

Eye-of-the-Cosmos“Time makes ancient good uncouth.”James Russell Lowell

Evolution begins at home. If you overcome yourself again and again, you might earn the right to overcome the rest of us. You might even earn the right to become a catalyst of the first order, a particular “flavor” of human being that has the wherewithal to hone their ability to inject the infinite into the finite. You might become Christ-like or Buddha-esc, or even Gandhi self-similar or MLK-comparable. You might even be able to put the thorough into Thoreau. Indeed, the single best way to change the world for the better, to really send out ripples of progressive, healthy evolution into a distilled sea of unsustainable entropy, is to, after standing on the shoulders of giants, live by exemplary example.

Here are four ways to whip yourself into shape, so that you can do precisely that:

1.) Kick Your Own Ass

“The people I trust the most are those who are always tenderly wrestling and negotiating with their own shadows, making preemptive strikes on their personal share of the world’s evil, fighting the good fight to keep from spewing their darkness on those around them. I aspire to be like that, which is why I regularly kick my own ass.”Rob Brezsny

Forget about revolution. You call this evolution? No, it needs to hurt first. It needs to be uncomfortable first. It needs to make you cry, laugh, hate, and love, all in one breath. Now is the time for action. And I don’t mean “going green.” I mean getting uncomfortable. I mean getting in touch with your wildness. I mean not just knowing but understanding, deep down, that your lifestyle is overindulgent; that your lifestyle is obese, ugly, and unhealthy. And then doing something about it. Go crazy. Get wild. You probably need to lose your mind before you come to your senses anyway. Like Isaac Asimov said, “Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what’s right.”

Challenge yourself. Dig down deep and question yourself. Insult yourself if you have to. Stir unrest. Kick all of your preconditioning out of its culturally contained box. Like Tony Robbins says, “Passion is the genesis of genius.” Free your inner genius by passionately pressurizing your inner demons. Demons are to coal as genius is to diamonds. With enough pressure, with enough passionate alchemy, you can transform demons into diamonds.




Jul 04

A New “Wave” of Thinking

This is an edit of the full clip on YouTube entitled, “It’s Time To Wake Up – We Are All One.”

Awareness and global consciousness are finally being accepted by the people. Although it is highly doubtful, perhaps some members of Club Elite may even develop a conscience.

Progressive thinking must replace regressive thought if humanity is to survive.

View in full context at: TheReluctantActivist.Org



Jul 03

Reality & The Law of Attraction: Time and Space Are Illusions

timeandspace_compressedby Andrea Schulman

In this article I will make a few short arguments for the idea that time and space are illusions. These arguments suggest that each of us manipulates time and space with our thoughts and perspectives.

This article might be mind-bending for some, but I believe this information can actually be very helpful for people who are trying to create their realities with the Law of Attraction. You may find it easier to intentionally create your reality if you have evidence that time and space are just illusions. It might make the idea of manifestation more believable, and believing is critical!

Before moving forward, take a moment to consider what it would mean if you were able to manipulate all of time and space. You might start to view your life as a kind of lucid dream, created (and controlled) by your mind.

Here is some evidence to support the idea that time and space are illusions:

1. Your mood affects how you experience time

This is something you have probably experienced personally. Sometimes, time passes very quickly, and others very, very slowly.

For example, in moments when you feel you are in danger, you will experience the effect of time slowing down, giving you extra moments to think about your options. Suddenly, life is moving in slow motion, allowing you greater “time” to react properly.




Jul 03

She Moved Things With Her Mind: The Psychic Powers of Nina Kulagina

Nina-Kulagina-move_mindCopyright Ulysses Ronquillo

From the 1960s to 1990 Russian ‘psychic’ Nina Kulagina displayed an apparently impressive range of psychic powers, particularly psychokinesis (the ability to move objects using the mind alone), and was tested and supposedly found to be genuine by respected scientists. She was also filmed using her abilities many times. However, she remains a controversial figure and her demonstrations of psychic ability have received criticism from sceptics who believe the films and experiments show clever trickery rather than paranormal powers. This would, at present, seem to be the most likely explanation.

Kulagina was only 14 when the Nazis began the siege of Leningrad. Like many Leningrad children she had to become a soldier, and along with her father, brother and sister, she joined the Red Army and was sent into the thick of the action. The conditions during the 900 day siege were appalling. Winter temperature sometimes reached forty degrees below zero, bread rations were about four ounces a day, the water and the electricity were cut off, and the city was devastated by bombs and artillery fire.

Nina served on the front line in Tank T-34 as a radio operator, and distinguished herself enough to become senior sergeant. But the fighting came to an end for her when she was seriously injured by artillery fire. Fortunately, she managed to recover and later settled down, married and had a son.

Powers of the Mind

Nina claimed that she was always aware of her ‘psychic powers’. There are stories that she could mentally see things inside people’s pockets, and when she met sick people she could identify the disease they were suffering from, an image of the illness appearing in her mind. On one occasion when Kulagina was in a particularly angry mood, she was walking towards a cupboard in her apartment when a jug in the cupboard suddenly moved to the edge of the shelf, fell and smashed to pieces on the floor. After that, changes began to take place in her apartment. Lights went on and off; objects became animated and seemed somehow to be attracted to her. It was in effect a type of poltergeist activity, except that Kulagina was convinced the psychic power was coming from her and discovered that, if she tried, she could control it.

[More + vid…]




Jul 03

9 Lessons We Can Learn From the ‘Soul School’ Of Life

soulllby Dr. Kelly Neff

A few weeks ago, I was incredibly fortunate to interview Dr. Eben Alexander on Lucid Planet Radio. This interview took me through a whole range of emotions, and helped to provide language and expression to concepts that have been solidifying in my consciousness but that I had been unable to articulate. You can listen to the full podcast here.

Who is Dr. Eben Alexander?

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Eben Alexander, he was a world renowned Harvard neurosurgeon who had spent 54 years as a scientist and 20+ years in academic neurosurgery when he made global headlines in 2012 after he published the book Proof of Heaven. In the book, he tells the story of his 2008 Near-Death Experience (NDE) which included a spiritual odyssey where he ascended through a number of higher dimensions until he reached the universal deity he refers to as “OM,” The Core of all creation, the infinite source of universal, unconditional love where time and space collapses upon itself.

As Dr. Alexander explains in detail in the book Proof of Heaven, and summarizes in our interview on Lucid Planet Radio, one of the most remarkable things about his otherworldly journey was that bacterial meningitis had essentially shut down his brain, including all eight lobes of his neocortex. Scientifically, the visions he had during his 7 day coma were impossible, because without a functioning neocortex, he could not have possibly had a dream, a vision, or even been ‘hallucinating’ from the release of DMT.

And yet, his experiences felt more real than this very reality, including a spinning white light that took him through a portal to a brilliant gateway reality with earth-like features, jubilant celebrations and joy, swooping orbs of golden light emanating incredible hymns, chants and anthems, and the message:

You are Deeply Loved and Cherished

You Have Nothing to Fear

You Will Be Taken Care Of.

By the end of the 7 days in a coma with severe bacterial meningitis and puss-saturated brain being eaten away, he had been given a 2% chance of survival, which meant he would most likely die in a nursing home once the antibiotics were stopped. And yet just as doctors were about to stop the antibiotics, he miraculously made a full (and unexplainable) recovery.




Jul 03

Awakening From Our False Self To Our True Self

xhsdtjstrsjgby Julian Websdale

In early childhood, if something authentic within us (eg. an essential quality or our true-Self) is not acknowledged and mirrored back to us by our parents, we presume it is unimportant so we repress it and develop ego structures that will help us cope without it.

Psycho-spiritual development is about reversing that process – removing the blockages, bringing things into the light and turning the repression into expression. Self-realization only becomes possible when sufficient psychological “undoing” has been completed – when our conditioning has been neutralized and our awareness has been purified (ie. dis-identified from exiles and ego structures).

Even though Self-realization is an instant event, there are several stages leading up to it that can be used to gauge our progress and guide us onto the next stage of our journey:

Stage 1 involves consciously noticing our thoughts, emotions and body sensations.

Stage 2 involves realizing that these thoughts, emotions and sensations are not us.

Stage 3 involves realizing that we are the awareness that is noticing these things.

Stage 4 involves developing a felt sense that we are this awareness.

Stage 5 involves experientially knowing and feeling that we are pure awareness.

Stage 6 involves experientially knowing and feeling that Awareness (God/Life/Universe) is being us.




Jul 02

Tom Campbell: 15 key discoveries

Tom Campbell

In this video, Tom Campbell discusses 15 of the key discoveries that helped him arrive at a single, overarching model of reality and existence (My Big TOE).

Tom’s website and forum:



Jul 02

Doctrine of Signatures: Human/Plant Symbiosis

The Doctrine of Signatures is profound ancient wisdom that is purposely being suppressed. It states that certain fruits and vegetables have a perfect pattern that mirror a body organ, and that this pattern acts as a signal or sign as to that fruit or vegetable’s benefit to us. Modern science confirms that the ancient “Doctrine of Signatures” is astoundingly accurate. Why does this vital knowledge remain hidden?

The healing and nourishing properties of any fruit or vegetable reflected in, and ultimately revealed by, that fruit or vegetables’ outer physical shape, form, or “signature” in relation to the human body.

make sure to watch my other video on REGENERATING TISSUE AND CELLS WITH FRUIT! https://www.patreon.com/posts/2708797



Jul 02

The Biospheric Dreambody

amys_dreambody_fullby Paul Levy

Dr. Arny Mindell, a physicist and Jungian analyst, has taken Jung’s work on the synchronistic correlation between psyche and matter to the next level of articulation with his notion of the “dreambody.” The dreambody is more than the physical body, yet includes it as a medium of communication. The dreambody is like a dream from a higher dimension of our being expressing itself in our world through multiple levels simultaneously. The dreambody is multi-channeled; it can express itself in dreams, thoughts, feelings, body sensations, movements, a variety of symptoms, addictions, relationship problems, altered states of consciousness, as well as synchronistically, through events in the outer world. Mindell’s discovery and articulation of the dreambody is truly groundbreaking and warrants our highest attention. Mindell’s dreambody perspective (see www.aamindell.net) has immensely powerful practical applications for empowering us to respond to our world in ways that are creative and transformative.

The dreambody is nonlocal and hyperdimensional in that it is not bound or limited by the conventional laws of third-dimensional space and linear-sequential time. Not constrained by the apparent rules of our physical universe, the dreambody can synchronistically express itself both inwardly and/or outwardly, which is to say that the dreambody collapses the presumed boundary between what is happening inside of us and events taking place in the outside world. The dreambody nonlocally gives shape to our world as well as in-forming our experience of it. An instantaneous feedback loop, the dreambody moment by moment in-forms itself based on our reactions to it, mirroring back to us ourselves in ever new ways. The dreambody is an all-embracing process which includes and connects our body, the inner landscape of the psyche and the outer physical world into a unified field of expression. The dreambody acts as a bridge that couples, or links, the inner world of our psyche with the outside world, while simultaneously being a manifestation of their inseparability.

The dreambody is the mercurial spirit of the unconscious itself. Just like a dream, the dreambody is an intelligent agency that fluidly shape-shifts every moment based on our state of awareness and focus of attention. Paradoxically, the dreambody is continually revealing itself to us in its very veiling of itself. If we don’t recognize the dreambody, our non-recognition is itself an expression of the very dreambody we are not recognizing. Mindell realized that the dreambody is continually teaching and guiding us, as it is our guiding spirit. The dreambody is a channel for, and is inseparable from, our inner voice and genius. When we intimately connect with the dreambody, we find our true “vocation,” discovering what we are here to do.




Jul 02

The School of Consciousness

by Frank M. Wanderer

cropphotoWhen we, spiritual seekers, look around in the world, we find an infinite multitude of human forms and shapes. If we attempt to perceive this human space as ”the school of Consciousness,” the purpose of which is to direct us back to our original nature, we may try to categorize the multitude of people (this is, naturally, not necessary, the image that we present here is false, it should be treated as a game).

The first class in the School of Consciousness is the most populous.

People are still forms, living in the spell of ”this is mine,” trying to obtain and accumulate possession, to buy ”even more beautiful clothes.” There are, naturally, differences within this group, as some are impressed by crudely material wealth (things money can buy), others want power, whereas others long for fine material things (a sunnier plot in Heaven). A person may spend an extremely long time in this class. They may only go on to the next stage when they have realized that they are unable to find happiness in external forms and shapes.

Image1Those in the second class are more quiet and calm, they tend to turn their attention inward. They are much less impressed by material shapes and forms, they would like to elevate the Ego to a throne as high as possible. They would like to achieve eternity through refining the Ego and there is a wide range of means in their disposal for that. Some choose a ”sacred life,” helping others, while others develop their Ego and mind (e. g. Mind Control). Some of them select magic methods. They will only be able to leave this class and move on when they have realized that, similarly to external shapes and forms, the internal ones, including the Ego, are transitory, so no happiness is to be found there.

The students in the third class have learnt a lot about the dance of the shapes and forms and have realized that happiness is to be looked for outside the forms. The recognize the power of Now, and make efforts to live in the present moment. They also recognize Presence, and try to bring in into their lives. They are also aware, however, that Presence is a transient thing, only stays with us for a while, it slips away from our grip. They cannot move on from this class only when they realize that they cannot practise Presence, as any practise only binds them to one specific form. They must realize that freedom is there, they do not need to chase it any more.



Jul 02

Chi and DMT – Two Accessible Mysteries That Evade Scientific Validation

Image1by Dylan Charles, Editor | Waking Times

“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.” –Max Planck,  ‘Where Is Science Going?’

There are some mysteries in life so common that nearly anyone can experience them, even though no one can fully explain them. The phenomenon of Chi, a universal life-force energy, and that of DMT, the psychedelic visionary compound produced within many plants, mammals and even humans, are integral parts of natural life that can greatly elevate mind, body, and spirit when experienced by an ordinary person.

Our society, primarily organized around labor, consumption, and the ethics of profiteering and exploitation, renders the spirit and our sense of natural wonder nonessential, for the most part. As a result, life too easily becomes unfulfilling and dull for people in our splendid, but meaningless material world, and too many of us come to find ourselves in a rut, one dull day after another, and life loses its significance.

Yet whatever toils we may face, we all do so together under the splendor of the cosmos, as individual sparks of consciousness amongst a shimmering collective, and we can choose to make ourselves available to mystery, wonder and curiosity, as not all of the riddles of this life have been solved. Inspiration is instrumental in the upkeep of morale and spirit, especially in these toxic times, and it has forever been a key motivator of human achievement. The ability to allow for mystery and to give respect to uncertainty is a source of boundless inspiration at a time when discouragement is the norm.




Jul 01

Work As Play – Alan Watts

Tragedy & Hope



Jul 01

The Tangible Intangible




Jul 01

Redesigning Science – Exposing the Dogma with Rupert Sheldrake

The Conscious Society

The collective perception of humanity has been highly influenced by the scientific method, especially over the last few centuries. This consensus has continually evolved throughout that time by transcending old ways of thinking about the ‘reality’ of the universe. It hasn’t stopped either; the accumulating scientific evidence, especially from the quantum, psychological and parapsychological realms, is facilitating a meta-paradigm shift that is significantly influencing the course of humanity’s destiny.

A common mistake made in the mainstream mindset is assuming that science is a field which is an unadulterated snapshot of reality, but it does have its problems. First, the scientific establishment has become primarily an institution, and as with any human enterprise, it is subject to politics, corruption and corporate influence. Second, science cannot explain everything. Third, the established ‘facts’ that are derived through experimenting with the external world have consistently changed over time, effectively illustrating that many weren’t truths after all. And finally, philosophical bias ‘unscientifically’ plagues modern science.

Therefore, these flaws and misconceptions have fabricated perceptions of the world that are based on many unproven assumptions and outright mistakes. This ‘fact’ is just as applicable today as it has been at any other time in our history, especially in regards to the overarching worldview that science advocates.

Religion used to hold the leadership role for determining how we think on a mass scale. Yet since the birth of the theory of evolution, as well as classical physics and the development of technology to test its ideas, the ‘interpretation’ model that has dominated the explanation of the evidence is scientific materialism. This ‘faith’ has basically hijacked science and made it into a religion, called scientism.   [more….]



Jul 01

It’s okay to be here

windshield-duskThere are those of us who hate being late so much that we’re sometimes absurdly early for things, and have to walk around the block or sit in nearby parks until our appointments begin.

Yet sometimes even these people find themselves late. Most of my life, being late for work was a torturous experience for me. Stuck in construction-addled traffic, I’d watch the clock as I missed my target: 7:47, then 7:54, then 8:04, and I’d still be crawling along. I’d feel my insides start to boil. I’d get mad at whoever was causing the slow traffic (because it’s somehow easier if it’s someone’s fault.)

One day I was particularly worked up, still on the road to work at 8:15, and with my windows up I remember saying out loud, as if to explain to the traffic around me, “Hey! I need to be at work right now!”

It was such a dumb thing to say, and it struck me, somehow only for the first time, that it wasn’t true at all. I didn’t need to be at work. I couldn’t truly need to be at work at that moment, because I wasn’t — I was here, in my car. And aside from my super angry and fearful feelings, there was nothing particularly objectionable about being here.

Being where I actually was at the time (in the car) was an option after all, and in fact it was the only option. Obviously, at that moment I would have preferred to be at work over being in slow traffic, but it was really just a preference, not a need. I was in the car, and therefore at that moment it was impossible to be anywhere else. If it’s impossible, how could I need it? It would be like insisting I need a unicorn just to carry on.

Had I ever actually needed to be anywhere other than where I was? I guess not, because regardless of my preferences, I don’t believe I have ever, even once, been anywhere other than where I already was.




Jul 01

Consciousness, the Human Brain, and the Soul

Consciousness-790x381By Dylan Harper

Ever wondered how the human brain, the consciousness, and the soul are linked? What it takes to realize the true purpose of existence? You’ll find all your answers here!

The Human Mind

What is it that really makes us humans? How are we any different from other living creatures that walk this earth? In fact, to make things simpler, let’s narrow down the scope of this question to our genetic neighbors; what makes us humans and monkeys, monkeys?

Apart from the apparent differences in physical characteristics, it is the human brain that creates a stark contrast between “humans” and “living creatures”. The human mind is a powerful, inimitable wonder of nature. And it works in ways that clearly defies all standards of conformity.

You must’ve heard about Artificial Intelligence and the amount of research being done to achieve it. While it does work to replicate pre-fed protocols, it does little to think out-of-the-box! So even if it progresses to an unbeatable height, it will never be able to surpass human intelligence!

The mere fact that it is the human mind that created AI is sufficient to suggest why AI can never come up to the desired level of self-sufficiency.

Imaging technologies enable you to see how the brain functions; how it responds to stimuli and how it comes into action in order to coordinate activities. Even if the same relationship is replicated in the case of AI, it will lack consciousness, making it an ineffective competition.




Jul 01

Crow Hitches a Ride on Eagle’s Back, Lucky Photographer Captures the Moment

crow-eagleNo, this is not Photoshop. A very lucky, and very talented California-based bird photographer, Phoo Chan, whose photos have been featured by National Geographic, captured an amazing once-in-a-lifetime series of photos of a crow hitching a ride on an eagle’s back. It landed and rode on the back of a bald eagle right in mid-flight.

Apparently, the larger bird of prey was hunting for a snack in the skies over Seabeck, Washington, when the cheeky crow spied an opportunity. The encounter lasted only a few seconds before the birds parted and went their separate ways.




Jul 01

New time, new life

girlby Jon Rappoport | NoMoreFakeNews.com

There are some people who hear the word CREATE and wake up, as if a new flashing music has begun.

This lone word makes them see something majestic and untamed and astonishing.

They feel the sound of a Niagara approaching.

They suddenly know why they are alive.

It happened to me one day in 1949 when I was 11 years old. I was boarding a bus in upstate New York for a full day’s ride back down into New York City. I was sitting by the window as the bus pulled out of a parking lot, and I opened the first page of Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles, a perfect children’s book.

The word CREATE wasn’t on that first page, but I felt it. It sounded like a great bell in my ear, and I knew I was in a different world.

I’ve been writing about the creative life for some time. For me, this life is a far cry from the pallid oatmeal of “peace through avoidance.”

The creative life is not about slogans and systems and intellectual finger food. It is about EXPERIENCE.

It’s about diving in. It’s about a kind of transformation that shreds programming and gets down to the energy of the Fire.




Jul 01

Feel Lost, Disconnected, No Passion or Purpose? You Are Expanding

passionnnby Michael Forrester

For those of you have unexplained symptoms of physical or emotional pain, know that you are not alone. Feeling lost, disconnected, without passion or purpose? You are on a path of self discovery. You are riding a wave of new energy. What you are feeling at this very moment is a transition–only one step of many on this grand journey of ascension on this planet that is progressing every second. Much of what you still see in the world and in your experiences is illusion and it is competing heavily with what the heart knows to be true. It’s time to start listening to what matters most and embracing that you are now in an accelerated state of expansion.

The 6 shifts in consciousness are being realized. The spring equinox has brought a fascinating wave of expansion throughout the planet. It is pushing people outside of their comfort zone and that is manifesting in some very interesting ways inside and outside the body.

Outside the body, electronic devices are behaving erratically. Your mobile phone, television, computer, network devices or even internet connection may not be functioning as they have in the past. You may experience unusual and unexplained downtime, yet there is nothing wrong with the actual devices because the problem is not the devices. The problem is your energy not properly grounding to where it needs to be. For some others the problem is appearing in their motor vehicles. They are all signs of what is happening in and around you.

Inside the body, unexplained symptoms, pain and illness may have surfaced in the last 3-6 months. Sleep patterns, fluctuating biorhythms, changes in blood pressure, intense pain in joints, headaches, changes in blood sugar and even more serious illnesses may have presented themselves. Although many of these symptoms are prolonged, rest assured they are not permanent.




Jun 30

Everthing connects…




Jun 30

Eternity: A Manual To Forever ~ Sevan Bomar On Truth Frequency Radio

Truth Frequency Radio With Chris Geo & Sheree recorded on June 26, 2015
Guests: Sevan Bomar, Frank Castle, William White Crow
Eternity: A Manual To Forever
MP3: http://astralquest.podomatic.com/entr…

“We are still gaining momentum, this time we aim to enlighten all those who are ready.
Enroll in the Innerversity Today! ”

“Tonight, we enjoy a laidback roundtable discussion with our friends Frank Castle, William White Crow, and Sevan Bomar III about shamanism, shamanic experiences, and humanity’s return to archaism and freedom-minded mentalities.”



Jun 30

Tom Campbell: Fireside Chat with My Big Toe Forum March, 2015

Tom Campbell answers questions from his My Big TOE forum members on various subjects involving our reality and consciousness from the viewpoint of his theory, philosophy, and experience.

Tom’s website and forum:



Jun 30

Chimps and the Zen of Falling Water

by Nautilus

chimpThere is a waterfall in Tanzania’s Gombe National Park. Maybe 12 feet high, it’s fairly modestly sized, though even a modest waterfall is quite a magical thing. And it’s here that chimpanzees come to dance.

You can watch a video online, narrated by the great primatologist Jane Goodall, who, as with so many chimpanzee behaviors, was the first to observe these rituals. It’s quite a show: An adult male approaches via the riverbed with a slow, rhythmic gait, so unlike yet like our own. He throws rocks and tree branches into the falls, then catches a vine and swings above them. Finally he sits on a rock in the stream, head resting on forearms, and watches the water go by.

These performances happen several times each year, but they do not have any obvious utilitarian purpose, even as social displays; though groups of chimps sometimes participate, often it’s just a solitary individual. Given how easily a chimp might slip on the rocks, it’s quite risky. Chimps also can’t swim, and typically avoid running water. Which raises the question: What are these chimps thinking?

“I can’t help feeling that this waterfall display, or dance, is perhaps triggered by feelings of awe and wonder,” says Goodall in the video. “The chimpanzee brain is similar to ours. They have emotions that are clearly similar to those that we call happiness and sadness and fear and despair and so forth. So why wouldn’t they also have feelings of some kind at spirituality? Which is, really, being amazed at things outside yourself.”

In which case: spiritual chimps.




Jun 30

The Entangled Universe: The Missing Link Between Science and Spirituality ~ A.H. Almaas

Source: scienceandnonduality

If you’ve ever experienced that gut feeling that someone was about to call and in that moment they did, or that something terrible happened to a loved one, only to find out they were involved in an accident at the same time you thought of them, then you have (on a spiritual level) experienced Entanglement.

For years I could never quite grasp why the worlds of science and spirituality were always at opposing ends when it came to viewing the vast awesomeness of the Universe; each arguing that they alone held the keys. Spirituality argues that science is too harsh and tangible; too concrete and unbending while from the scientific viewpoint, spirituality seems to be based on blind faith and guess-work. To me, it appears obvious that this limited perspective prevents either from having the keys, but also from even knowing which doors they open. Science and spirituality are stuck miles apart when they actually, in my opinion, overlap in very elegant ways.




Jun 30

What Makes Humans Different From Animals? That Special Thing, Bigger Than Magic

by Dejan Davchevski

The Reason why HUMANS Differ from Animals is more Magical than you can Possibly IMAGINE!
I started wondering what makes us different from animals? What is it? Is it the ability to speak?

Animals communicate in their own way, why should words be considered something special? Probably the ability to organize sounds so they create a particular word which holds meaning.

So, is it the ability to organize? It couldn’t be. Animals organize, sometimes even better than we ever did.

Did you know that a community of fire ants will hold together, arms in arms, if there is a flood? They’ll hold together to form a raft so they do not get drowned.

Delirium-What-Makes-Us-HumanThe most precious members of the colony, the larvae and the queen ant, are kept safely dry in the middle. The queen ant can give birth to some three million ants over her lifetime. If they can reach dry land, they stand a good chance of rebuilding.

Imagine us, humans, holding together, arms in arms, to form a human raft and let a couple of men and women reproduce on top of that human raft until we reach a safe land. Eating the minimum required for survival.

OK, that’s something that will never happen so don’t waste your time thinking about it. Let’s not drift away from the subject.

What makes us human?

It’s not the ability to organize and it’s not the ability to communicate. Is it the ability to learn? But animals can also learn. Is it the ability to teach? The animals teach other animals things they discover.




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